Manual of Life - Things You Didn't Realise Were Weird Till You Did #43

That the reason you've developed a very slight head tilt to the right, caused by all the endless hours browsing (English-language) books in a store, is simply because the spines are printed left-to-right (when placed horizontally) so that you can read it normally when it's placed front-cover upwards.

Obvious, yes?


If you are already seeing the front cover, with the title and the photo and all the other little details - why would you be reading the spine?

So. Why don't more publishers just print the spine in a vertical top-to-bottom, so that when they're stacked as per normal, my neck doesn't need to get such a horrible crick every single time?

For those of you interested in such esoteric information - and that's pretty much all of you - here's some book-spine naming and printing conventions.


Shyam said...

Very clever bit of observation :)

FĂ«anor said...

see, you gotta be like that american ambassador to the soviets who mastered the art of reading upside-down russian text so he could surreptitiously read confidential documents on ministers' desks (they assumed that he couldn't read the stuff, of course). okay, i lost my train of thought somewhere along the way.