Blog-addiction - Identification Method No.3

If, when in a group of old friends, you begin to wonder how many have undeclared blogs of their own. Which possibility would have quite a high probability, given the literary inclinations of said group (ahem...they are your friends, after all).

And then you spend the evening trying ingeniously, and deviously, to find out whether they do have a blog - without revealing that you do too (without lying, preferably (they are your friends, after all)) - and more importantly, what the blog address is*.

* Achieving the same, then reading and regularly commenting on their blogs without revealing your identity - well, that's just a bit sad. But nobody said addiction was funny.


Espèra said...

I would be a blog addict if it weren't for the fact that in my friend circle, very few people have blogs.
And if they do, they want the attention and readership so bad, they go around distributing the URL.

??! said...

ahh, the other end of the spectrum. What does it look like over there?

Suki said...

LOL :). Thankfully, I'm not anonymous. My friends - almost all - have blogs, I read some and don't read some. The blogosphere is so ubiquitous in our real life that it cancels itself out, lol.

??! said...

Sometimes though, you just want to be known for who they don't know you to be. And not by them.

Espèra said...

Ha ha.
Well, it's like, once I comment on someone's blog, they figure out that it's me from what I write.

Renovatio said...

I know for a fact people in my life read my blog occasionally, but rarely comment. I'm not sure just how okay I am with that.