Friday Fortnightly Food (F)post

Le riz avec le beurre
Time needed:
Preparation: 20 seconds
Cooking: 6-8 minutes

Keep ready:
1/2 cup of rice
1 cup water

Add rice to the water, and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down a little, add salt, and cook till well....cooked.

Serve immediately, and add a big dollop of good, high-fat butter.

Why you should try this:
Because it's one of the simplest, yet most wonderful dishes to eat. Because the aroma of freshly-cooked rice, mixed in with that of melted butter is just oh-so-frikkin-great. And because it reminds you of being unwell as a kid, and being fussed over by your mommy.

Focus on:
1) Butter, not ghee. Butter's not as strong, and it's got a more mellow texture.
2) No other seasoning. Avoid the temptation to add pepper or oregano, even though they go well too.
3) Butter!


Revealed said...

Pepper rice when you have a bad throat. Works like a charm.

I love this one :). Simpler times. Sigh. I feel we should have the Bluebell jingle right about now.

Pri said...

where the fuck were you born? rice and butter anthe! and who writes recipes to these things?
its rice.
and butter.
even i could make this.
i would never eat it. but i could make it.

fine you had a larger point which revealed here supposedly gets. and appreciates. but unless one was [god forbid]in charge of feeding a child or something why would anyone ever need to make this?

how to make some yummy gooey chocolately thingy in five minutes?

Renovatio said...

For yummy gooey chocolatey thing, impale a 3 x 3 inch (or so) slab of Selbourne semi-sweet cooking chocolate on a knife, hold it over a flame for about 30 seconds, that's about 7 on all sides, and go to town on it. It's like a gooey chocolatey lolipop.

As far as buttered rice goes, you have to make sure you add the butter while there's still a little water in the rice, so that once the water evaporates, the butter gets soaked into individual rice grains.

??! said...

hmm...pepper rice. and haldi rice.

hahahahahahahahaah. yeh it's just rice and butter. but girl, it's yummy. and its so comfort food. try making it one boring thursday evening.


??! said...

sorry...that last was for ren. dunno how he got confused with flaffy...oh wait, that's fairly easy to do, what with them being DMB/choco soulmates.

Anki said...

ok... will cook on a wednesday night

not that u asked.... but usually the day wen i m too bugged wt eating out n too tired to cook something elaborate\


??! said...

that's the spirit. see Pri? must be adventurous, da.

Pri said...

there is no such thing as a boring thursday evening! ugly betty is on. and 30 rock and grey's anatomy. do you not own a tv?

apparently not. otherwise you'd watch the food network and then you wouldn't have to make rice and butter.

??! said...

hmm...is true. boring wednesdays?

Pri said...

nope try again. the producers of grey's anatomy have come up with a fake grey's anatomy on wednesdays so people can get addicted to it and then next season when 'lost' is back it will have competition. plus it's followed by a show called 'dirty sexy money'. so duh one is gonna watch that. what were we talking about again?

Revealed said...

@the riddler: But you got suckered into the pri-tv-trap. Tsk tsk.

And ren leaves me in the dust cooking-wise. No contest. How you can get confused? This old age, no? Very disturbing.

A said...

need sebourne - pray tell where to buy