Wada-pav - Check.
Brun pav - Check
Chikoos - Check.
Guavas with chilli and salt - Check.
Home-made idlis - Check.
Home-made filter coffee - Check.
Dahi sev batata puri - Check.
Puranpoli with amti - Check.
Parsi-style omelettes - Check.
...eaten with Maggi Hot-and-Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce (It's Different) - Check.
Greasy biryani - Check.
Tandoori paneer pizza - Check.
Ever-filling Gujarati thali - Check.
Indian-Chinese hakka noodles - Check.
Shrikhand with hot puris - Check.
Walnut chocolate fudge - Check.
Sitaphal ice-cream - Check.
Fresh jalebis - Check.
- Check.
Kheer - Check.

Lost weight despite all the gorging - Check.

....ah well, we can't have it all.


Hello poppets. Normal service is being resumed - once I get through the 500-odd posts that are waiting with ill-concealed irritation to be acknowledged.


Space Bar said...

I insist on a new label titled On Losing Weight.

Huh. Happy New Year.

Banno said...

How? Do tell.

spark said...

r u lucky or wat!!!!! n me.....i put on weight at the speed of thought....even thinking of pizzas and biriyani does it for me!!!!! hugh!!!!!....u see...even god doesnt love me.... :'(

??! said...

Well, if you insist.

And to you.

I blame my genes.

No no, we love you (we think).

The downside, of course, is that you can't put on weight even if you try hard to.

brinda said...

lovely to see you back. of course, i DO wish you'd stopped after "kheer: check"... Here's my heartfelt wish for you in 2009: by the time 2010 comes around, may you be at least 10 kg heavier. ok? just make sure you blog about it :-)

??! said...

Now that would be a real wonder. How about we settle for five, instead?

Szerelem said...

oh go away.

(but happy new year!)

shakester said...

how! how? how could you *lose* weight?
india trip coming up, not promising in this respect....:(