This is the way we ride our bike, ride our bike...

Keys. Helmet. Lights. Vest. Gloves.

Hmm, those treetops are getting it good from Mr. Breeze today.

No, my mistake. It's Mister Wind. Mister I'm-going-to-slam-into-you-from-the-left Wind, to be precise. The Doors would have been appropriate right now.

Oh well, thank goodness for tree cove...

Uh oh.


Why are you honking you moron - you think I like swerving randomly into the middle of the road?


STOP honking, you little shit - it's a cycle not a bloody tank, you try and keep it stable!

Ok let's just make it to the turning - once we go right, the wind should be behind us, and hopefully that will...


Is it a bird? Is it plane?


Hey doofass, race you in your schmancy beemer.

...what is he grinning he abou...

Uh oh.

Two rights doth maketh a wrong.


Whoooaaa shit. Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to bang into you like....Hey, it's not my fault you're not looking while you're walking - and what are you doing out for a stroll on a morning like this anway? Oh yeh, well at least somebody wants to screw me. Jerk.

Just another few hundred metres and we'll be fii...

Whooooaaa shit. Sorrysorry, didn't mean to bang into....yes, simply dreadful weather, isn't it? Hmm? Oh well, it's not so bad usually, and it's good exercise too. And the same to you. Goodbye.

50 metres....

Whooooaaa shit.

Screw this.

This is the way we walk our bike, walk our bike...


Space Bar said...


you need to put on weight, no?

DewdropDream said...

HAHA! So THAT'S why I don't see as many cyclists around lately ...

Methinks doggie would be a suitable replacement for bike.

Shyam said...


The Bride said...


??! said...

Oho. You try cycling in 50kmh winds.

'Zackly. Plus it's wet.

Yes, yes. Very amusing.

The Bride:
More sympathy is good!