A Manual of Life - Alternative Definitions

Head-on collision

When the irresistible urge to immediately order that new Discworld book meets the heartfelt desire to preserve the memory of Pratchett's genius* by denying the existence of any book after I Shall Wear Midnight.

* Based on the ever-stronger suspicion that the new volumes (Snuff onwards) are either partly or wholly ghost-written**
** The only thing worse than that*** is that the newer books were indeed written by Pratchett, which would just serve to underline the damage Alzheimer's has wreaked upon him.
*** I lie. The worst thing would be that the disease has not really affected his writing, and he's just lost steam after 40 books. Which is understandable, but I'd rather not accept it.


My daily prayer

Every day in this country, in whichever part of whichever town or city I happen to be, this has been my daily declamation for so very many long months -

O deities of the Indian tile-cutting realm, I repent, I repent! Now please stop hounding me and leave me alone - even if only for two weeks!

It doesn't seem to be working so far. I obviously need to atone more, for whatever it is I've done.

That, or demons are in charge instead, and I'm just angering them more by praying. Waitaminnit.....


Each day is a lesson about the things you didn't even know you didn't know.


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Sounds about right

"Religion is nothing but institutionalised mysticism.  The catch is, mysticism does not lend itself to institutionalisation.  The moment we attempt to organise mysticism, we destroy its essence.  Religion, then, is mysticism in which the mystical has been killed.  Or, at least diminished."

- Tom Robbins (Skinny Legs and All)


cross purposes

He talks about
and about
and about
you and I and us and we, 
needs and wants and demands
like a bumblebee
in a banyan tree.

She thinks about flowers
tumbling into leaves,
and the strangeness of the word


A Manual of Life - Alternative Definitions

, An excuse to lower your ironing, and bathing soap, bills by hiding behind well-worn warm outerwear.

Also see:
Resources conservation; tea-addiction; "One can never have enough socks"