Guide to Blogging - Personalitypes

The Specialist
n., One of the more common members of the Blogger sub-species, details of which are slowly emerging with a deeper exploration of the species as a whole. Specialist Bloggers are so-named because of their almost-complete identification with a particular area, as well as their continued residence in, and exploration of, the same.

Location and Identification:
Specialists Bloggers tend to congregate in large numbers in highly localised areas. They can be identified by the way the communicate almost exclusively with other Bloggers in their immediate area. A confirmation check can be made by looking out for the almost single-minded focus and vigorous intensity with which they explore this area.

Colouration and Calls:
These Bloggers have a vibrant, yet mixed colouration. The main body usually has distinctive mottled designs formed of three predominant colours - NV Green, Raging Purple, and Low Blue. Most specimens also sport stripes of varying thickness, in shades ranging from Golden Gloating Glow to Bottomless Black.

You will often be aware that you are in the vicinity of such creatures well before you can visually identify them, due to the penetratingly persistent "pik-ee pik-ee" sound they make. You can also quite often hear them boring their way through barriers* to communicate with other Bloggers.

What to Expect:
Members of this sub-species can be remarkably oblivious to, and/or disinterested in, their wider surroundings, preferring to minutely cover and detail their chosen habitat. Observers will find that any attempts to attract their attention to a foreign element are ignored after an initial cursory examination. Attempts to coax or lure them out of their immediate environs are met with an even more immediate dismissal. Any such extended efforts can result in a rather sudden aggressive reaction, with the Blogger suddenly changing colour to Violent Vermilion and emitting bursts of high-pitched screeches**.

You might also discover that after having finished fully exploring their 'zone', rather than move to a new area, many specimens will continue to review their sphere of occupation in a never-ending loop, regardless of the lack of any change in the environment. Many Specialist Bloggers have been known to spend their entire Bloglives in just one area, despite having completely extracted any possible nourishment from the environment. Scientists have attributed this oddity to the presence of the inhibiting 'Comfort Zone' gene.

Natural enemies:
The Flippant Blogger, The Troll.

Famous varieties:
There are several widely known types of Specialist Bloggers, such as The Cookers, the Verserati, the Bibliofanatics, the Eurekoids, the Siliconistas, the Fotonites. Many varieties are further sub-divided, such as the Matchalingas, which includes the Cricneys, Socneys, and Tenneys.

Note: Some classifications also cite Diaryists as an example of this sub-species, claiming that as such Bloggers focus almost solely on themselves, they fulfil the criterion of being specific in their outlook.

These barriers are quite often deliberately put up by other Bloggers sub-species, including Specialist Blogger themselves, in order to fend off these very approaches.
** This can go on for some time.


km said...



Wonder why.

*searches for nearest shiny surface.*

??! said...

nahin nahin unkel-ji, you are antithesis of Specialist Blogger. Garv se kahon aap Flippant ho.

km said...

Phew. Relieved.

//Flippant ka baap hoon.

??! said...

Flippant ka baap hoon
Full marks to you and JK tyres!

km said...

Full marks to you and JK tyres!

Flippant, not Kabir Bedi.

One Trick Pony said...

"after having finished fully exploring their 'zone', rather than move to a new area, many specimens will continue to review their sphere of occupation in a never-ending loop..."

umm...some of us quit.

??! said...

So no deep voice and daadhi?

And some of us wish you wouldn't.

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear All,

Flippant? That reminds me of this:

This link, here. Like, right here.


Puppy Manohar

Tabula Rasa said...

erm, it should be "full marks to you and JK steel radials".

Tabula Rasa said...

(lest anyone call me flippant.)

Tabula Rasa said...

(or even flippuncle.)

The Bride said...

Diaryists are everything aren't they? Go Diarists!

??! said...

Steel radials was the answer. I'm sure the line was "full marks to you, and full marks to JK tyres".

You love digging out this weird stuff, no? Good fun.

As if you needed an excuse eh?

IdeaSmith said...

Hee hee...more plizz. And just out of curiosity what do you have against Diarists? Not that I'm one...that self-obsessed stuff is just practice material for fiction :D

??! said...

Sorry, didn't realise you'd commented. Nothing against Diaryists per se - heck, we all Diary a bit. If they've got something worthwhile to say while talking about their lives (Mad Momma), or if they write well (Scout), or if they're funny (OTP), I'll read them. Otherwise, what's the point? I don't keep track of my friends that well.

Also, a couple more posts lined up on the same topic.