Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(Things you may choose to believe about me. Or not.)

I lose about two kilos in weight if I miss breakfast for three or four days in a stretch.

Obviously, I don't put on any if I eat regularly, more damned luck mine.


Tsk. Hate mail is bad for you. Avoid.


Puppy Manohar said...

Dear ??!,

You are not the only one.


Puppy Manohar

PS: I forgot to eat breakfast today. Yes, that's right. I forgot.

Shyam said...

*giving ??! the evil eye*

Lekhni said...

So how many kilos of food do you eat for breakfast everyday? Just wondering ;)

The Cloudcutter said...

Well if you had commented at least once, I'd be around here sooner :-)
I'd gone AWOL for a while last year and as a result had forgotten my regular blog haunts. Anyway, now I shall tattoo it on my brain thinkwritedo thinkwritedo thinkwritedo. Does have a nice ring to it.

Now, re this post - would you like to trade places with me? Then you could put on weight just by thinking about food!

The Bride said...

Ugh. Weight loss is wasted on boys.

brinda said...

hmph! uncalled for provocation, this post. oh, and hate mail might help me get rid of the 10-odd kg some of us put on when we skip lunch and read food blogs...

??! said...

Dammit, so did...Oh no, I didn't. That's right, I ate.


Well, there was once a time when I seemed to eat up half a chicken coop, a third of a bakery, and a quarter of a dairy farm every morning. Give or take 1,200 calories, I would estimate.

I have since grown up.

You should so put that on a Tshit. But then, the fattest people in the world are men. So.

Hey again! You're still here.

And so are you.

Also, I seem to comment less frequently. But I read. Something counts, right?

Anonymous said...

And so am I? What do you mean?

Anyway I wasn't really complaining about the commenting thing. I just meant that since I had forgotten your blog url, your comments would have helped me find you again. That's all!

And it's nice to know that you still read me. Thanks!


Cynic in Wonderland said...

I lose 10gms if i send hate mail. Hate you.

brinda said...

Cynic, can it be more than 10 gm please? I can't send ??! hate mail ALL the time. There are times when I absolutely positively luuuurve him. (This is NOT one of them)

Space Bar said...

for tomorrow (friday) i suggest you provide is with kilo-loading recipes that we can sigh over and you can execute and well, assimilate.

DewdropDream said...

This is now effectively a stale post. We demand to see something noo. Pliss?!

Anonymous said...

Never mind... just read the rest of your replies :D

Anyway, time for a new post now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me