Lives On Trains - 1

A dreamy grey day, dawning on pre-tired people.

And a loud peal of unabashed laughter burst forth, and kept on flowing. Interspersed with staccato lines, and funny noises.

As two friends, so-not-from-this-country, went off to their duties with a cheerfulness alien to the rest of the travellers. Who frowned with disdainful condescension at this unwarranted irritation while they grumpily prepared to stump through the day.

And he caught himself starting to get irked, starting to wonder why they could not understand that others might be sleepy or tired, starting to decide whether to tell them that not everyone likes noise in the morning and could they please hush...
when he listened to the laughter.

And feeling joy for the fact that someone was happy, settled back with a smile of his own. And could not understand why everybody else had little frowns, and puckered lips, and sullen eyes.