Secrets - 2*

"I have to tell you something."


"It's something I've been hiding from you."

"Uh-huh. Haven't I told you before that I don't want to know?"

"But you can't do that! I have to tell you - it's driving me crazy keeping this is a secret from you!"

"Well, that's your problem isn't it? You should have thought of that before deciding to keep it a secret."

"Fine, fine, I made a mistake. But I can't take it anymore - I have to tell you! Please!"

"Why? Why exactly do I need to know? Just so that you can sleep easier? Just so that you don't have to worry about me finding out on my own, and then giving you hell for doing it with telling me (which, by the way, do expect in full doses)? Just so that you can make a song-and-dance about being totally honest even though you've just kept it secret for who knows how long? So tell me - why do I need to know?"

because I love you? And because I'm sorry?"

"...hmm....Not the best reasons - but fine, out with it."

"Umm...but first you have to understand. I didn't not tell you because I didn't trust you. Or because I didn't think you'd understand. This was just something that happened. Something that I
needed to do. Something...."

"Will you stop bullshitting, and just tell me already?"

"Ok. I...erm...I blog."




...are you very angry? "


"No?! Why?"

"I knew that."


"Yeh - who do you think 'Anon.E.me' is?"


"Yeh. Idiot."

* Part 1 here. End of story. Yes, yes, much work is needed on one's dialogue-skills. Other comments welcome.


Space Bar said...

please link to one comment by anon-e-me? pretty please?

??! said...

eh what what? No no...is imaginary, this conversation. No such comments exist - at least, I hope not.

??! said...

Although, there were these anonymous comments way back - someone called Ennui - here, and here.

Pri said...

why is everyone suddenly talking like happy slip's mother? what what it seems.

Flaffy said...

I remember Part 1. I'm an oldtimer, aren't I? Hehehe.

(Pri, see how I didn't talk like happy slip's mother. Who, btw, is happy slip?)

The Bride said...

Hehe cute...
PS: please continue with the blogger categorizations no?

Szerelem said...

how cute :D

??! said...

merci. one is humbly flattered.

not to worry, series to continue.

Who the heck is happy slip? We were going for Lord Emsworth.

Flaffy said...

@the riddler: Was not a compliment! I believe I'm offended!

??! said...

uff...whhhy being touchy? Eh? Was not referring to age. One is not age-ist. No be angry, now.

Pri said...

uff people! go you tube 'happy slip peelings'