Secrets - 1

"I have to tell you something."
"I've been keeping something from you."
"Is it a surprise?"
"Good surprise, or bad surprise?"
"That depends."
"Ok, tell."
"See, its not that I wanted to keep it from you...well, I wanted to, but more because I needed to. It's just that I didn't see how I could tell you and retain any..."
"Is this something you've done? Been doing?"
"And you've kept it a secret? From me?"
"Umm..because...well, like I said..."
"No. Stop."
"You kept a secret from me."
"Despite all that we've been through, all the things we've worked on, despite all your promises, and all your assurances. Despite all everything we said about things like this, you did something which you felt you couldn't reveal to me? And now you feel guilty about it?"
"And you think you can just tell me now? After all this time?"
"It's not been that long, only a few..."
"I don't care! A week is too long. An hour is too long. You did it. And you chose not to tell me. So why are you telling me now? Why bother?"
"Because! I can't not ever tell you."
"No? But I can choose to not ever want to know. And I choose not to want to know."
"What? This is stupid...I'm trying to tell you..."
"But listen..."
"Come on..."
"NO !! I.don't.want.to.know. Live with it yourself. So shut up now, or you'll never get to speak to me again. Ok?....Good."


Revealed said...

I'm with Person Who Had the Last Word. Very right, they were.

??! said...

why is that not surprising?

Renovatio said...

God damn catch 22s.

??! said...

heheh. they are quite infuriating, aren't they? and welcome.

IdeaSmith said...

Huh? If I was the secret-keeper, I'd sit on the other person and make them hear it. But perhaps there's more to the story?

??! said...

one agrees. but this was to see if such a character could be believable. there may be more.

Anki said...

He he he he he

ok i read the new blogging rules but i dunno how i reached here coz that wud mean i wud need to tell u how u reached my blog n its all too confusing esecially since u are two question marks
so well accept my comment