Guide to Blogging - Personalitypes

(Homo bloggerus)
n., Fascinating new member of the species Homo virtualis** (aka, Homo technicus v2.0), vast herds of whom can be spotted roaming freely across the WebWorld. The first specimen was spotted a quarter-century ago, and sightings have since been frequent, largely due to an exponential surge in its population being witnessed in recent times. Since the original spotting, several new variants have been spotted, marking this as one of the most rapidly evolving creatures in recorded history.

Highly voluble and sociable creature, noted for remarkably diverse behavioural variations in individuals. Highly skittish, due to an inherent paranoid streak. Has a strong need to be involved in matters concerning the larger group in general, or other individuals specifically. Known for its considerable survival skills, which has helped it to adapt and flourish in inhospitable terrain and dangerous surroundings.

Natural enemies:
The Troll. Other Bloggers.

Natural Defenses:
A shrill screech, at unnaturally high decibel levels, which has been known to stun others into submission and can be maintained for indefinite periods of time.

Behavioural patterns:
The creature is famed for its proclivity towards camouflage, which is the default option for a large majority of the population. Most infant-bloggers will attempt to disguise themselves through any means available, including pretending to be another infant altogether. This camouflage is seen as necessary for many of those indulging in it, and has been known to save several bloggers (infants and adults) from Trolls.

As the blogger matures, however, a distinct lack of attention is noticed towards maintaining this disguise. Maturing bloggers gradually allow other members of their loose 'family' to view them uncloaked - although some of these creatures retain their need for secrecy till the very end.

Famous varieties:
The Diarist, The Activist, The Specialist, the Seeking-a-Voice, and the Giving-it-a-Go.

* This really should have been the first in the sequence.
** Seriously, isn't it time a new label was considered?


dipali said...

Hey ??!, that is a lovely classification.

Anonymous said...

I loved this. I couldn't help wondering what category I fit into. Giving it a Go, maybe.

You should write more posts on this. I'm waiting for more posts on the Activists, the Specialists and so on.. :)

Shrill screech..that is so true! Here are some other characteristics of the creature -

(i)very thin skinned, cannot take the slightest criticism;
(ii) poor eyesight makes the creature see insults where none were intended;
(iii) inability to argue without getting personal.

??! said...

Hola. Welcome to little home.

And thou sayest true.

And more posts upcoming, but I'm spreading them a bit. One a week will do?