Return of the Roving Random News Linker

* Ahh, wonderful news. Women across Indian cities should hold a strike till the corporations do the same for them. Or just burn some effigies and get on international TV. Two a day, at strategic locations across each city.

* Here's just a hint of what more to expect in this web-fuelled all-inclusive techno-crazy world. Someday, people are going to realise that the only thing protecting them is the fact that the idiots who live in the real world aren't - A) Online....yet. B) Those who are, aren't tech-savvy enough to cover their tracks. And that, children, is when all the poo-poo will hit the going-round-round-on-ceiling thingie.

* You can keep your TV ads, and televised debates. This is real innovation in politics, baby.

* Also, isn't this old news for those of us who have little hair left after tearing them out during deadlines?

* If you're having a peaceful day so far, this is not a story you wish to read.

* And to end, one just hopes the little snots don't plagiarise one's work if this scheme asks them for project-submissions. Although one would be very flattered, too.


Flaffy said...

Why I like the RRNL

1. I can notstudy while I read each article

2. I like link buttons (cept I wish you'd make them open in a new page)

3. It's *news* which means I needn't feel guilty about the notstudying.

4. I feel all caught up on the world situation

5. I don't have to personally read 25 different newspapers

But, a note in criticism: why can't I open the DNAIndia links?

??! said...

1. I can't figure it out on the Blogger template. And I don't like doing it first in Word, then transferring, because Blogger messes up the fonts.

2. What is with the links- they open fine here. Anybody else have that problem?

Also, yay!

km said...

DNA link isn't working for me either. Maybe you haven't paid them for linking to their article?

??! said...

This is very strange. Is it only a US-block? Peoples, raising of voices and declaring whether links 2 and 3 work.

tabula rasa said...

work for me.

Espèra said...

Flaffy: I can offer you one suggestion. If you're using Firefox, right click on the link and select "Open Link In New Tab".

I don't get any problem in opening DNA's link. Works fine for me. That bit about Congo is sad. I didn't know things were so bad there!
([Sh] I didn't know there was a war there. [/Sh])