Note: One should not post random verse, especially those deemed by oneself to be of a crappy quality. Unless, that is, at least three people demand it. Why? Who knows? You can blame KM,TR, and Pri for this. And no, still no clue what it's about. Pop-pyschologists may feel free to explore.


Little by little,
in free-fall,
folding hands
hold up the ball;
and a big bird sings
in a far-away tone
for its lover's ring
to awaken the phone.

The bubble cries
for the stones are sweet;
there's nothing to ask for,
much less to keep.
And on dark mornings
death comes to meet,
talking softly over tea
as it tries not to weep.


km said...

what! That verse was like early Syd Barrett. I demand a recall.

//shine on your crazy diamonds.

Tabula Rasa said...

oh it got retracted? i thought you were doing an urf unfalsie :-D

??! said...

Hmm...one is always prone to flattery. But minimum quorum is three. You guys need another for Recall Procedure to be initiated.

Pri said...

what? where? put it back!! if everyone went back and reread their old posts nobody would have blogs anymore.

Tabula Rasa said...

i know km said it reminded him of syd barrett but that's not pop psychology! blasphemy!

??! said...

Uff! Maan gaye, ustad. Aapke charan chuey.

Flaffy said...

If you're taking requests, I want more news thingies.

??! said...

Read and acknowledged, ma'am.

Shoonyata said...

this one is not crappy..its good... pl to write more, fish less :)

Tabula Rasa said...

aur apke chop chuey?