"Mmmmm....cheese toast".



"Humans were not meant to eat cheese".


"No seriously. Cheese is an alien organism which should be not ingested by us".

"Stop right there. If you're going to start on some vegan crap rant about how it's made from milk which is the fluid of another animal and would I then also drink blood - I swear I'll sock you one".

"No no. Not that - although when you think about it like that...."

"What did I just say? You love my knuckles so much?"

"Ah. Sorry. No, what I meant was - it really is an alien organism".


"Really. See, you called that a cheese toast, but it's actually a toasted cheese sandwich, right?"

"I guess so".

"Yeh. The truth is hidden from you that way. No, if you really want to realise the truth about cheese, watch it melt under a grill*".

"And what will that show me?"

"Go see for yourself....go!"

"Okay, okay.

"I told you so".

* No really, watch it. The Blob returns!


DewdropDream said...

That proves it - I myself am an alien form. Bubbling cheese keeps me riveted, not one bit of horrified fascination or similar reactions coming forth :-|

??! said...

Oh I LOVE cheese. But it does help to look at things from an alternative viewpoint - hence the tag.

Shyam said...

I dont love cheese that much... it's the cooling stringy bits after the hot blobbiness that really gets me. ick.

dipali said...

Melted cheese- yummy!!!!