Mad bloggers and Irishmen

And, just in case you haven't been avidly perusing the commentspace, the Great Group Blogger Ulysses Reading Attempt* begins today. Current team members - The Bride and moi.

Feel free to join in if you're foolhardy enough, or just plain irritated at having had a copy of it on your bookshelf for what seems forever without you having gone through it. All you need is a copy of your own.

We plan to post regular updates on how we're progressing, what we've made of it so far, and whether we hate it or not. The aim is to finish it this month. Hopefully.

* Anybody who uses the terms 'Blogyssey' or 'Blogysses' is immediately banned from this blog. We shall hunt you down and heap much mockery and scorn on you. You have been warned.


Szerelem said...

Hahaha - best of luck with this. I don't think I will ever end up reading this book given (a) my terrible failed attempts and (b) the fact that everyone I know only talks about how they couldn't read the book.

I think may it is true. Ulysses = useless.

km said...

Excellent idea. Watching you guys read this book, that is :)

But do blog regularly on the progress.

Tabula Rasa said...


Falstaff said...

Let a thousand bloggers Bloom!

The Bride said...

Erm. I wish I had thought of Blogyssey before you banned it.

Aishwarya said...

Not planning to join in, but I'm looking forward to this!

Szerelem - You know one person who has read and quite enjoyed it.

Szerelem said...

sigh - ok, I take that back that sweeping statement. Though on a similar note I finally finished A Suitable Boy after three failed attempts (I am still not sure it was worth all that effort), so maybe giving books a second chance is the flavour of the season?

??! said...

Try with us, no? Be much fun. You can't rant and rave all you want.

At least it's easier than learning Odissi (I can't believe nobody's jumped on that one yet).

The Bride:
Don't even think about it.