News for you

* For TR, JAP, Veena, Szer, Black Mamba, Dilip, and all you long-journeymakers out there:
If you haven't read this series yet, do so now. Quite, quite fascinating. Not to mention utterly poignant and depressing.

* For what I'm sure is likely to be a sizeable proportion of the readers here:
A simple, yet wondrously effective physical activity that helps with tennis elbow.

* And for KM:
Because others hate FB too.


km said...

Yeah, dude, read that over the weekend and went "YES!".

(Then I went back to sipping my ginger tea and watching the squirrels play on the lawn from my rocking chair.)

Space Bar said...

get your kicks
on route six six.

blackmamba said...

sweeeeet link!

and that stuff about fb, all true. fb connect can even access someone's email...I can't believe they are getting away with this. thank god for canada.

??! said...

Now why is that such a plausible image? ;)

Someday, someday.

Very welcome.

And yes, FB scares the shit out of me. As does the Big G. And browsers.

...demmit, I'm a Luddite!