Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(Warning: May or may not be true)

Sometimes, when I'm feeling really, really blue, I take a few packets of jelly and bung them into a big pot.

After the mixture is ready, rather than chill it, I simply let it cool down till it's that right balance of not very firm but not very runny.

I then pour it into two small tubs and squish away with my fingers and toes simultaneously.

45 seconds later, Blue --> Buttercup yellow.

PS. When I get really, really, really, why-o-why-me-why blue, I find a bathtub and pour the jelly in it, and then just splash about.


Space Bar said...

ew! ew! ew!

(actually, much depends on what colour the jelly is).

Shyam said...

:D I dont know why, but this post gave me the giggles!

??! said...

Whaaaat? Don't diss it till you try it.

One's mission is accomplished.

Tabula Rasa said...

as long as it's not royal jelly, i guess.

Phantasmagoria said...

One could blog. Just saying.

km said...

And if blogging doesn't work, you could try flinging jelly fish at teenagers.

blewgenes said...

all you need is mushy love

DewdropDream said...

I think I would prefer to eat it.

Do you have a colour preference though? I can stand green jelly at the most. Red is 'normal', in my little world.

pri said...

but then you gotta clean up!

pri said...

i suggest a bubble bath and a donut. that way you still have something to hold onto? hehe. i want to do this now.

??! said...

Too sticky, no?

Oho! Oho!! This is you saying that?

That guy is, like, hilarious.

Cushy mushy love?

Did I say you couldn't? (Space, that's just to gross you out even more).

I would have to go for red. And yellow is possibly the worst jelly colour.

Hot chocolate and waffles does the trick too.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

has it done anything for your complexion?

Phantasmagoria said...

Who said I don't blog.

(She said smugly).

??! said...

Ah, of course. The (alleged) sikkrit blog. I do forget. How's that going, by the way??

Phantasmagoria said...

Arrey, no secret, nothing.

Just the one I always had.