A reversal

1-6, 3-6, 0-6.


A wish fulfilled

"I don't have yearly wish-lists, but if I did, I'd want Federer to win the French and Roddick to win at least one more Major (preferably this year)."

One of my friend often accuses me of being just a Federer fan. Untrue. I appreciate other players. I admire Roddick's attempts to reinvent himself, I admire Nadal's almost-insurmountable will not to accept that he could be facing defeat, and Safin - well, every sport needs a character.

And I love a good contest, which is why I was a little sad that Federer lost Wimbledon, but not heart-broken. Because Nadal deserved that victory, and somebody needed to bring Federer down a peg (I mean, blazers with crests? Seriously?), and the game needed a rivalry.

But there's a special joy in seeing Federer win. Not because of him as a person, but because of what he's returned to the game. Delicacy, artistry, and a one-handed backhand - all in an era which seemed to be destined to be ruled by big-serving power-baseliners.

And besides that, for reminding future players that you don't have to be slamming serves down to hit a high percentage of aces - just accuracy. And that you don't need to scream and grunt while hitting winners - just timing and placement. And that whatever people may insinuate and the media may speculate, if you believe enough and hope enough, you can still succeed. And that you can win and still be a nice guy, to the extent that even your rivals want you to win the one tournament you haven't.

Some Facts

I don't get bothered too much about the whole 'greatest' debate. There are so many differences in the eras of every sport, and tennis is no different. The whole pro vs amateur problem of the early days, the differences in surfaces and racquets and balls. Pointless. One of the greatest is enough.

But just two stats -
1. This was the 20th straight Major that Federer's made the semi-finals of. The next best is 10 straight. And.....he's not done yet.

2. For all the talk about how he's lost his touch and he's on the decline, his record in the Majors since the start of 2008 (arguably his worst period in six years) reads like this - SF, RU, RU, W, RU, W. In comparison, Nadal (who has been the most dominant player in that time) has this record - SF, W, W, SF, W, R16. Nobody else even comes close.

People should get some perspective.

Bonus Stat:
Majors won, as a percentage of Majors taken part in -
Federer - 35% (14/40)
Nadal - 30% (6/20)
Sampras - 24.6% (14/57)

Not-so-perfect Destiny

Still, I bet he's wishing it had been Nadal on the other end, netting that last ball into the net.

Ah well, maybe it will still happen on Centre Court.


km said...


Federer Vs. Batman?

The Bride said...

Even though I don't watch tennis very much anymore, Federer seems to embody elegance while playing for me. Can't help rooting for him though I generally like to root for the underdog.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

and amen to that. the first set was stunning. as also the semi final. as also the second, and did i mention the third?

( also a fed fan.)

Jokes apart, there is such poetry in his movements when he is on a song isnt it? And i can say this without even being in lust with him.

brinda said...

km: Flying tennis balls Batman, that's a thought! Federer as Joker?

km said...

Brinda- :)) Federer seems too nice a guy to be a villain. Maybe an 80s-era Agassi with his long hair and neon-colored shirts.....? (Andre the Acer?)

Szerelem said...

I do agree with the bride, I usually hate dominant players - but adore Federer. I love that he is so emotional - I just want to hug him when he breaks down, as he perpetually does.

Also - I really, really couldn't stand Pete Sampras (Agassi>>>>>>Sampras). So this whole comparison of him and the Fed in my mind is a non issue.