Quote of the Day: "I'm 26 years old. What the hell else am I going to do with myself?"

- Andy Roddick; when asked after his quarterfinal match at the Australian Open as to what kept him motivated in trying to win a Major five years after he won his only one (in which period he has been repeatedly rebuffed by a certain genius from the land of Lindt), as he's considered to be too old to seriously compete against players who're too young to even legally drink alcohol.

I've never been a fan of Roddick's power game, which was why The Rise of Federer was particularly delightful, but I've always enjoyed his (many) post-match one-liners* and admired his impressive dignity and good naturedness in dealing with the fact that just one man could deny him so much.

I don't have yearly wish-lists, but if I did, I'd want Federer to win the French and Roddick to win at least one more Major (preferably this year).

Banner of the Day - "Shh. Quiet. Genius at work" (during the Federer qf).

Statistic of the Day - Federer reaches his 19th consecutive semi-final at a Major. That's almost five years that he's made it to that round of each of the four Majors. The next-best in all tennis history? Ivan Lendl....with 10 in a row.

He is that good.

* Remember his interview after the Wimbledon final ("I threw the bathroom sink at him, but he got the bathtub and threw it right back")? Brilliant.

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the saint said...

fan at the stadium during the Nadal Haas match, just as Nadal is about to serve - " Rafa, if you can hear me pull out your wedgie..."

and of course..