Manual of Life - Little Known Facts #64

The more you eat regularly, the hungrier you get.

Your body can get used to getting by with just a cuppa in the morning, even though it so obviously needs more. And your stomach won't complain after a day or two, but will instead settle down into devising ways in which to stretch those few measly calories till lunch. It will also shrivel up in misery, causing you to think you don't need to eat, and that even if you wanted to, you would only be able to have a little bite.

But - if you do begin to eat regularly, your stomach will be more than happy to point out that it always did require so much. And just to prove its point - and just to get back at you - it will quickly expand back to its original size, and then keep expanding. This will cause you to keep filling it, but will still leave you with some space (it's larger no?), thus causing you to feel peckish, thus causing you to eat more.

You will then become fat*.

* Assuming you're an average person, and does not exercise enough (or often enough), and eats all sorts of unhealthy processed junk, and are not born with lucky genes.


Szerelem said...

ugh - this unfortunately so true. I know from experience.

Mudra said...

So true!

Space Bar said...

boo to you. (these days i eat mangoes blindfolded and hope my stomach won't know the calories are hitting it.)

brinda said...

And this is NOT a little-known fact, you thin person, you. It's a well-known fact to us traditionally built people

??! said...

Little bunnies. Don't fret.

Ah, I see what you did. You just caught the knife and threw it right back with all that talk of mangoes. Hurts, Space, really hurts.

Putting up a post on this.

Shefaly said...

Not quite. Under-eating means you are ignoring the hunger signals and forces the body to slow down. But if you are eating normally, you only over-eat if you have by practice learnt to override the satiety signal. Which many have done, admittedly but many still know when to stop. The trick, especially with age, is that while we can afford more, we must eat less as the body's energy needs reduce. No, no, don't argue with me. I spent years studying this crap to get a piece of paper I still do not have. :-/

dipali said...

If only I could train my greed to be satisfied with less- I would no longer be either traditionally built or well rounded! (Just read that post!)