What kind of 'you' are you?

Possibly the only thing more irritating than tags are those 'personal' quizzes. Which is why one likes making them up for others to indulge in. And at least you know the answer to that perennial question when you come across one of these things - who makes these damn things up anyway?


1. When attending a concert -
a) You're the kind of fan who identifies each new piece within three notes being played - and then goes "woo!" every single time.
b) You angle your head, close your eyes, and gently nod in time to the music - just to show that you get the 'true depth' of the music.
c) You try to get as many signed memorabilia as possible so that you can sell them on eBay.

2. When you blow your nose, you -
a) Shake your head from side to side while doing so, because everybody knows that that's what really gets the snot out.
b) Always take a peek at the result, hoping that some pearls of wisdom might have dropped out of your brain.
c) Deliberately make as loud and disgusting a noise as possible. And really stretch it out.

3. When randomly gazing at the palm of your hands, you -
a) Always try to figure out what the different lines are supposed to stand for.
b) Take a pen and highlight all the grooves.
c) Hit it with your forehead. Fun becomes.

4. When you come across a mirror in a public place, you -
a) Always adjust your hair/clothes/makeup. You like perfection.
b) Beam at your image and call yourself a rockstar. You're always perfect.
c) Thrust your nose up against it, just to gross out whoever's operating that camera that you know is hidden behind it.

5. When presented with red paint, you -
a) Give yourself a teeka. You're a desi, demnit!
b) Throw it on public walls and (when arrested) make a bad pun about painting and towns.
c) Sniff it. Heaven for budget-dopers.

6. You would rather have -
a) A bird in the hand
b) Two birds in the bush
c) A mass orgy with seven of them, in a jacuzzi

7. You would prefer to be -
a) Roger Federer's Wimbledon jacket
b) Roger Federer's forehand swing
c) (Rafael Nadal, kicking) Roger Federer's ass

8. When watching Friends, you -
a) Get turned on by Joey's manboobs
b) Get cravings to go out for food whenever you hear the word 'Buffay'
c) Want Hugsy

9. When you write poems, you do so because -
a) That's what you do
b) It's who you are
c) You love messing with people's mind by randomly throwing together vague, lyrical phrases - and then watching them unearth the 'real meaning' behind it

10. If you were the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, you would definitely add the word -
a) Wowza
b) Crapazoid
c) Doofass

How to rate your answers:
For every 'a' selection, throw a lollipop at a cat. For every 'b', say the word orangutan 44 times. For every 'c', give yourself 99 points.

What your score indicates:
What do you think it indicates?


km said...

8. When watching Friends, you -
a) Get turned on by Joey's manboobs

I think I just died a little inside.

Shyam said...

I scored 4 Cs (unless I lost track), but doofass did it for me :) Yay! Nice new word to add to the collection!

Vaudevillian said...


stop whistle blowing my secrets.

Revealed said...

I woulda thrown a lollipop at my cat cept I had neither.

That's my life for you!

Spark said...

6c!!!!! r u kidding me......wat wer u thinking !!! :D

??! said...

Umm...because of former, not latter?

Please use and distribute.

You're right, you're right, doesn't exist. Poetry is.

Then throw a chessboard at an oak tree. Works too.

I wasn't - what were you thinking?

HP said...

3. When randomly gazing at the palm
c) Hit it with your forehead. Fun becomes. - ROTFL !

i'm loving this blog!! :D

brinda said...

sigh! no lollipop, no chessboard, can't count beyond 10... that's the kind of 'me' i am. does that make me a doofass?

Spark said...

couldnt visualise anything at all!!!so was wondering.... :D

spark said...

anyone who chooses 4c...is Mr Bean himself...:P

Falstaff said...

What if you're the kind of 'you' who always goes for option d:

1. d. You sniffily proclaim that the 1968 Karajan recording was so much better.

2. d. Scan the contents for traces of left-over cocaine

3. d. Wonder how both your hands can have just one palm.

4. d. Ask the secret service man behind the camera: "Who is the fairest of them all?"

5. d. Give it back and ask for blue paint, saying "Do I look like a f***ing Republican?"

6. d. Two birds on the grill

7. d. Roger who?

8. d. Change channels

9. d. You have been taken over by a daimonion

10. d. ook!

??! said...

Thankee, and welcome.

Or just very paranoid.

What if you're the kind of 'you' who always goes for option d
Then you're....waaaaaaaaaait for it....Falstaff.

Spazsim Chasm said...

hahaha.. i love this.

??! said...

One is glad. And one welcomes thee.