Normal tags are boring

Everybody knows that. And yet those damn things keep populating the blogworld, because people just can't be brutal enough to say no. The questions are so.....bleh. And the pop-pyschology ones are the worst. They remind me of those daft quizzes you get in magazines. Besides which, nobody knows where these things originate.

But, since people can't seem to get enough of the things and because I'm so nice (hey! no snark), here's a 3-in-1 offer for you - a pop-pyschology tag the origins of which are known. See? Tag, psychology, source. Wunnerful, no? You have read so far? Good. You're tagged.


1) When faced with the job of re-loading loo paper, what style do you prefer?
a) Flap-over
b) Flap-under
c) Dude, loo paper is like so yecch. Bidets rule.

2) Do you add milk to your tea/coffee, or vice versa?
a) Milk first
b) Vice versa
c) I drink only tomato soup.

3) When on cars/planes/trains, you -
a) Are a Travelling Conversationalist
b) Follow the path of I'm-pretending-this-film/book/scenery-is-fascinating-so-leave-me-alone.
c) I only travel by bicycle.

4) When you stumble across a particularly inane theory on a blog, you -
a) Ignore it
b) Mark it on your feedreader for days when you need some silly amusement
c) Send the link to Falstaff, and get some popcorn ready

5) On a spiritual/faith level, you are -
a) A de-powered god
b) An acolyte of the Dark Stone of the Abyss
c) A robot

6) When plonked under a tree, what direction do you favour?
a) East-NE
b) Horizontal
c) No direction. You are a reality-show fan.

7) Your favourite book of all time is -
a) Chicken Soup for the Soul
b) Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
c) Chicken Soup for Dummies

8) From the following choices, you would select -
a) A three-legged donkey drifting through a Siberian blizzard (geddepun? geddit? wowza!)
b) A pebble stuck in a drainpipe
c) An apple core

9) What colour would you paint your bedroom?
a) Diarrhoea-shit yellow
b) Constipated-shit black
c) Banana&cereal-shit brown

10) How would you describe yourself in less than three words?
a) God
b) A Blogger
c) The God of Blogging (that's four words, but since you're God, you make the rules)

Points system: For every answer, give yourself two papayas. If you have selected the same sub-option letter (a,b,c) more than four times, add a pogo-stick to your total. If your answers to the first three questions are a, b, and c (in that order) balance a pincushion on your thumb. If you cannot decide between the options to the last question, go find a dripping tap and listen to it till your paneer sandwich starts growing mould on itself.

What your Score indicates: You can read English.


Anonymous said...

Someone is in lurve..someone is in lurve....

km said...

#9 brought tears to my eyes. Inspirational.

??!, back when people plonked, they did not have wireless internet. So I am not sure how one could...never mind, it's a USENET reference.

??! said...

Okkkaaaaay. So what were you smoking again?

Thank you.

And yeh, the reference just flew past. No use for Usenet here.

km said...

You're welcome. And remind me to make references to the telegraph, steam-engine and alchemy next time.

??! said...

Unkel-ji, you're up so early! No wonder you spill stuff on keyboards so often.

No references to cave-drawings?

Anonymous said...

Effect of reading your blog? :) N D by any chance?

??! said...

Ok, see, I get my share of cryptic from the crosswords. 'N D'?

I still don't see what part of the post had anything to do with indicating that I'm in 'lurve'. Unless it was you confirming that you're in love with moi. In which case, hush you silly billy.

Anonymous said...

Ok love or crush or whatever you kids are calling it these days. Towards a certain numbered gentleman.

Na dont think I am in love with you.
But you are cute alright. But looks like your heart lies elsewhere so well wikll do the shrugging of the shoulders and wish you luck.

??! said...

Ahh, reference Falstaff, was it? You could be less cryptic you know. And get a handle. There are too many anons floating around.

Ps. ND?

Anonymous said...

It is quite a irony indeed someone with a nick "??!" asking me to be less cryptic [:p]

Btw my apologies if I sounded presumptuous ( Look! an anonymous commenter apologizing to an anonymous blog! Arent we all being way too civil here? :)) but couldnt help noticing it.

And your non denial a tacit acceptance?

Why dont you give me a handle? ( and no jokes about having one too many love handles..)

You should know what I mean by N D without further expostulation. But if you didnt then I am wrong.

Except ofcourse I am usually not.

??! said...

Ha! Was waiting for that dig. But I do have a public anonymous handle. Heh.

And one doesn't call others names! What do you take me for? Pick one yourself.

Neil Diamond
Naarangi Danger
Neelu Dangre
Nilu Dongre
No Denial

Anonymous said...

Oh I knew you were and didnt want to disappoint you.

How about Non compos Dementia? But sounds a bit bleh. Considering it may not even be a valid phrase.

Espèra said...

Pretty darned good.
I'm going to plagiarise you.

Okay, not technically.

??! said...

Go for it, girl.