I give in...once

It's not polite to be rude (ha! new slogan), and while I've tried to keep out of the whole blog-award thing, people insist on giving them to me. Which is nice of them, but.

Now the reason I'm so award-indifferent isn't because I have a problem with people appreciating others - it's just the nature of them that I don't appreciate. From what I can make out, these awards originate when somebody decides to create a graphic and pass them onto their friends.

That's not an award, that's a gift.

Now, if there was a blogsite where these awards were announced, and people nominated those blogs that they thought deserve the awards, and people voted for them, and then the award was given to 'x' number of the most voted-for blogs, then the whole thing makes sense. And it's a more streamlined process too. Otherwise, with the current system, everybody and their ant (sic) gets the award, and that just devalues the whole thing.

However, while principles are important, compromises are polite.

Now, since I don't put up any awards I get, people imagine I'm not getting them, and then they give me one (often the same one), and I have to thank them and explain why I'm not putting them up, and in the meanwhile, other people go and give me another one, and it's round and round the garden like a teddy bear.


I'm accepting the ones I've been so kindly given thus far. Just this once though. Because I'm quite happy getting your comments, and being read, which are prizes in themselves (dialogue maara).

Firstly, I'd have you know I've been a Rockin' Girl Blogger for a while. Which honour I'm thrilled to (posthumously) bestow on BM/OTP Revati, because she was the epitome of the title (since nobody thought of giving her one while she was around. And then you wonder why she left bloggyland).

Then, this blog has been deemed Brilliante, not once or twice but thrice. And finally, Dewdrop has declared we're eternal blogpals.

There. Covered. Thank you - Space, Shyam, Bride, Mad Momma, DDD - for the appreciation. Really (this is not sarcasm).

Now, back to blogging.


Lekhni said...

I keep getting confused - "Rocking Girl Blogger" ?

Thank me, I've never given you any award ;)

Space Bar said...

:D lekhni, it was only after that that i suspected.

Lekhni said...

Space Bar, have you noticed that ??! has stopped requesting us to call him Amelie ? :)

??! said...

Oi - who said gender had anything to do with how I blog? If Space gave me that without knowing I wasn't one, and my writing convinced her I was, then I am.

...that made more sense when I was thinking it.

So anyway, I do enough occasional feminist writing no? Bas. Mine. No taking away award now. Mine!

And if I really wanted to confuse people, I would've kept the Amelie. I figured people think I'm strange enough without them wondering why I'm asking them to give me a girl's name.

Shyam said...

Your acceptance speech is better. :)

Also, I prefer to think of you as Kim.

DewdropDream said...

hee hee!! Thankee. Like your way of acknowledging it better :)

And must, I do agree with your feelings towards such awards... was being nice to awarders as well :D

Lekhni said...

How does "doing enough occasional feminist writing" have anything to do with being a girl blogger?

You are welcome to bring Amelie back, I am all for confusing people. Throw in a Heidi or Rebecca too, if you want :)

??! said...

I don't know. I'm just making this stuff up. I'm going to go with the "everybody thought I was a girl till I said otherwise" defence. Either ways, NOT giving it back! Mine!

Pri said...

we do not speak of bm/otp. she is dead to us. dead.
sob. how will we ever recover?

The Bride said...

Haha... you softy. Like a teddy bear only!

PS: I was totally not surprised by your refusal to do the award thing. Didn't expect any of the awardees to even acknowledge actually. But you are all nicer/ oh well politer than I thought.

??! said...

Aisa mat kaho na. Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hain, andher nahin.

Hush - somebody might hear you.

And yeh, decided it was too predictable to not do the award, so did it.