...or thwim.

Your call.


Quicksilver said...

Nice. Very nice.

I finally got it when I was about to smash the keyboard in frustration.

km said...

What if I want to thing?

Falstaff said...

Thick. That's just thick.

What's more, it's exactly the kind of humor I've always thought to avoid.

??! said...

Hola. Thankee.

And you just ask. We don't do scorn here. Why beat poor keyboard?

Well I dunno - does this mean we have to watch you show off your complete repertoire of thongs?

(...lack of witty comeback...)

I know. Very low. Scraping of underside of barrel. Sowwwwwy. Don't not love us anymore. Don't go and leave us because we're like that. How will we ever grow if you're not around to guide our way? How will we live with ourselves if you never come back? Forgive us, Falsie, absolve us, believe in us!

the mad momma said...


pliss to collect award from my blog.

DewdropDream said...

Dammit, MM beat me to what i was gonna say.

'wath gonna thay', if you will :P

I think I already thunk.

??! said...

Thankee for that.

You thank? Thwim towards the light!

Shyam said...

Thilly but thweet... i've alwayth liked it, ever thinth I dithcovered that thenthenth in my firth ever "Kilroy wath here" graffiti collection :)

And now thith hath made me feel thooooo much like an Igor/ina...

dipali said...


??! said...

Aha! We've been reading the same books, it seems (Nigel Rees, wasn't it?).

FĂ«anor said...

aha, is that like the teenage girl who went to the doctor who put a stethoscope on her sternum and said, "big breaths," and she grinned proudly and said,"yeth, and i'm only thixteen." ?

??! said...

Hau! Like that jokes also? Heh.

And welcome.

Thanatos said...

My favorite tees

"I was an Atheist until I realized I was God"

"There's two theories about arguing with women - neither one's right!"

"Don't drink water. Fish fcuk there" (typo as on shirt)

God, I love Tantra.

shyam said...

'twas indeed Nigel Rees, that lovely man who afforded me many hours of quiet giggles in solitary reminiscence :)