Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(Warning: May or may not be true)

I can't remember the lyrics to songs.

Well, not entirely.

I can remember the main line, and some other interesting/catchy lines do get stuck. And sure, there are a few songs I can remember large parts of. But on the whole, I usually end up going "Actual line, actual line, mumble mumble, na na na na".

And this seems to be recent. I distinctly remember playing lots of Antakshari when I was chhotu-motu - and being able to carry my own back then. Sometimes I reason it's because I've continued to read more than I listen to music, and I'm probably remembering more storylines than lyrics. I like to think it's because I stopped listening to the words, but focused on the music. This sort of reasoning does more for self-esteem than having to admit I just can't remember the darn words.

Either ways, it's a pain to not be able to quote them randomly. Which is why you haven't found me indulging in any on the comment-space in all this while. In fact (more head-hanging), most often I don't even know who you guys are referring to, unless you do state it. Then I have to go Google the lyrics. Yes, that bad.

So what do I do instead? What any self-proclaimed writer-type would - make up alternative lyrics*. Which is why for a while back there, I was singing -

Girl put your kettle on,
I've got some fresh baked scones,
and we are going eat them wiiiith cream.

We are like that only.

* This is quite different from my habit of making up alternative lyrics for songs that I can remember. Which is a fun way to entertain yourself when you're waiting for things and have no other means to amuse yourself. Like so,
Daaaaisy, Daaaaisy,
why are you so lazy;
the glass is so hazy,
it's driving me crazy,
it's driiiiiiiiving me crazy.


DewdropDream said...

:D I'm the same!!! But then again, I don't bother listening to the lyrics or googling the parts I do not catch... bit of a pain when you're trying to give the vocals when jamming... but hell.

Making up lyrics sounds like funnnnn! Must try :D

brinda said...

"the vengabus is com-ming
the vengabus is go-ing
the people all are bo-ring
this song is just not roll-ing
the vengabus is coming"
and so on... VERY satisfying time-pass it was
(ugh! got that wretched tune stuck in my head now, dammit!)