The obligatory AB* post

* Which moniker now belongs to the Bindra boy, not the Big B. Get with the programme already.

No, no comments on the maid-story (which, if it's true - bad Papa!), or his wealth, or how one yellow round thing is needed to give over a billion people some validation.

Nope. Nothing of that sort. Just this one thought -

You know what would really be interesting in the aftermath of Mr. Shooter-Man winning The Gold Medal? What would really show the fickleness of the public, the shallow nature of 'everybody's triumph' in the victory, and be just a really good way for a tiny percentage of the country's population to get a hernia from laughing at the reactions?

If, during one of those interminable interviews, when asked yet again about his marriage plans, he announced that, actually, he was oh-so-very gay.

Can you not just picture it?

It would be brilliant!


CrazyDiamond said...

heh...now that is a rumour worth starting.

Metrosexual Monk said...

oh that'd be awesome.

all gift money seized, starnews with massive hindi headlines in red going "DHOKEBAAZ SHOOTER" not to mention repeat coverage for a year.

and "angry fans" burning Bindra effigies with rubber tires around the neck.

ps- wheres the obligatory "saw dark knight, was brilliant. the joker was brilliant" post?

Szerelem said...

Thats would be beyond brilliant honestly.

??! said...


Yes, with auntieji's going "Hame toh pehle se hi thoda sa shak tha. Nahin toh ab tak usne shaadi kyun nahin ki?"

Wishes, wishes.

Tabula Rasa said...

the term 'firing blanks' comes to mind.

Lekhni said...

The fickleness is beyond belief. The bad Papa part alone is enough to send the media in a tizzy in reverse gear (even if they can't rely make it stick on AB)

Espèra said...

People'd refuse to believe him.

The Indian Superhero ... turning out to be gay? Shock, horror, faint!

But he wouldn't.
The next thing you know is that they've banned him from future Olympics.

Anonymous said...


maybe it'd help in legalizing gay rights in india? there's a crazy thought. :p

dipali said...

That would be interesting:)

brinda said...

Follow-up on the maid story; have you seen