In the beginning, there was the rock.

And the rock was all, and all was on the rock.

And in the time before time, and for more time than there was time, there was only the rock.

And then the rock thought, let there be more.

** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

And the rock sent forth its thoughts, and taking from itself, created.

And the rock created quartz, and feldspar, and kaolin, and mica.

And then the rock begat shale, and sandstone, and chalk, and gypsum.

And yea, the rock also brought forth hematite, and magnetite , and calcite, and limonite.

And the work of the rock did not end there, but carried on for time uncounted.

Till finally, the rock rested, and looked with pride upon its creation.

** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

But then the rock grew troubled, for there was disharmony within the many.

For sedimentary warred with igneous who fought with metamorphic, and the battles were terrible.

And the rock grew saddened, and drew together its children.

And the rock asked, What is the cause of this discord, amongst you who have come from one?

And the rock was told, We seek to establish who is your chosen, and who shall lead us forth.

And then each began to proclaim its own honour above those of the others.

And long did they all speak, but the rock made no answer.

And when the clatter of the last had petered out, the rock was silent for a while.

** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

And then the rock rumbled,

There is one yet to come,
who will be less than the least of you,

but who will be above you all.

And this one, whom I have so long worked to perfect,
shall be known in all the lands,
and while time may dull each of you,
the ages shall only polish its lustre

** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

And then the rock brought forth its last creation.

And its name was The Pebble.

** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

And the rock said,

The Pebble is the all.
The Pebble is the joy.
The Pebble is the glory.
The Pebble is the shine.
The Pebble is the touch that delights, when others would but hurt.
The Pebble will walk lightly upon water, when others would only sink.
The Pebble will be buried under, but will only become More Pebble.
Believe in The Pebble.
Trust in The Pebble.
Have Faith in The Pebble.
For The Pebble is all.

** ** ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

And ages passed, and boulders turned to stone, but yet The Pebble endured.

And all who saw, learnt to believe, and took The Pebble to be their own.


Space Bar said...

What is this? Choruses from The Rock series 2? [pdf link, please excuse].

And when the clatter of the last had saltpetered out, the rock was silent for a while.


the saint said...

we salute you, the post rocks!

Anonymous said...

"but yet" ?? never to be used in the same sentence together.

shyam said...

??!, after this post, what else can I say but... you rock! :D

Anonymous said...

should i say " child is the father of man" or " survival of the fittest" ?????

??! said...

I wouldn't dare!

And I thought of that one (but it would have descended into farce then). I was waiting to see who'd pick it up. So you get First Punner Prize (to go with this other nomination you've been so quiet about (oops!outed)).

The Saint/Shyam:
Awwie. Thankee to little bunnies.

errmm...is true. Divine license?

Fragments are better than the whole?

Anon2 said...

Did u just make that up!!!

shyam said...

Your posts keep getting funnier and boulder :) It's hard to keep a stony expression on my face when I read your comments, too :)

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear ??!,

I see someone has already pointed out the clever use of "peter".

I have nothing to add.

Carry on,

Puppy Manohar

"Cos we're on top of the rock and we're never gonna give it up" - Indus Creed aka Rock Machine

. said...

Someone in some blog used the word 'pwntastic'. I had to go to urban dictionary to find out what that meant.I have since come a long way.

Therefore, I boldly say, "All our base are belong to you" (sic)

??! said...

Don't you start, or there'll be a landslide of puns.

Puppy M:
Ah dhang you (see? we learn) for your blessings.

This would be the above-referred...umm...gent?

brinda said...

And those that really did not believe in the Pebble were too petrified to say so...

??! said...

dem! that should have been in there. Sigh...I'm losing it. That's it folks, time for graceful exits.