Guide to Blogging - Problems, disorders and side-effects

Blogpost Thought Intersection
Or, the I-Was-Thinking-The-Same-Thing-Too!! Eventuality

One of the most frequent, and almost certainly inescapable, side-effects of blogging, this regular occurrence describes the event of a blogger coming across a post written on a topic/idea that the blogger was about to write on/was considering writing on.

The discovery of a BTI inevitably results in (also inevitable) comments that muse upon the 'amazing' or 'weird' coincidence of such a post-thought occuring to both bloggers. With exclamations.

Much research* has been conducted into the occurrence, frequency, and underlying factors of BTIs. The studies took into account -

a) The low level of internet penetration globally
b) The large segmentation amongst web-users in sticking to one language for all their online activities.
c) The relatively low percentage of bloggers amongst web-users
d) The natural tendency amongst humans to drift towards others of their own level of intellect, interests, and inclinations.
and crucially,
e) The Idea Repetition Meme**

Given the above factors, it was individually concluded that it was natural that bloggers, who converse in a certain language online and interact with other bloggers who are interested in the same things they are, would often end up thinking about an identical concept at the same time as each other. This result was famously (unofficially) summarised by one of the authors of the report as 'Like, duh, why is it so surprising'?

* There were studies. Just take our word for it. What? You don't trust us? Whyever not? Just because you're reading 'our' and 'us' when you know it's 'my' and 'me'? Tchah.
** Any thought/emotion/belief/experience that you have, has already happened (many times) before, with very minor differences (if at all).


??! said...

I bet you came here to say 'I was thinking the same thing too!!', weren't you? Weren't you?

Tsk tsk. Hush, puppy.

brinda said...

hmm... i see that the studies did not take into account one's non-blogging readers (admittedly a minority) who might conceivably think the same thing and wonder who will blog about it first. more research needed, yes?

shyam said...

I wuz! I WUZ! :D

Well, I wuznt, to tell the truth... but after that build-up of yours, what ELSE could I say, huh? :)

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear ??!,

Why you telling me to hush, men?
I'll bark as loudly and as often as I want to.


Puppy Manohar

??! said...

Dear Puppy:
Sorry baba. I'll join you ok? Wurf!