Manual of Life - Didn't see that one coming #79

When electric and hybrid cars, which through decades of hope (and sci-fi stories) have been promoted as being not only clean but less noisy transportation, have to be fitted with artificial engine noises.

Because, duh, how are the blind, or cyclists, or pedestrians round a blind corner supposed to know they're approaching?

So basically, you can forget about lower traffic noise if you live in a city.


Shyam said...

:D That's funny!!

Falstaff said...

Does this mean I won't be able to hear the clock ticking at 60 miles an hour?

Space Bar said...

dog whistles?

Lekhni said...

What about those who are blind AND deaf? Shouldn't they also simulate the smell of vehicle exhaust? ;)

Metrosexual Monk said...

in a place where human rights, health & safety are a whole new level and political correctness goes mad every second, surprise surprise.

guess what Lotus,
hybrids DOES NOT EQUAL unmanned vehicle

there are people in it who can see stuff.

and with the ever rising iPlague, I would've thought pedestrians with earclogs looked around more?

. said...

I laughed at "blind corner".

The Bride said...

Can't they just have signals and pedestrian crossings instead?

??! said...

I...ummm....thought it made a little sense though. Because, yes MetMo, people do drive cars - but so do idiots.

And personally, I rely a lot on the sound of a car behind me whilst I'm cycling, to maintain a judgement of safety (whether it's chugging along as it slows to pass me, or revving right along and likely to shunt me into the sidewalk, etc).

You stopped being able to hear that about eight years ago - when they put digital clocks in :)

That's a good question - which induces the other question, how do B&D people cross the road?