People, there is still some hope

Any world in which people say "Hey, wouldn't this be a great life-mimics-art thing to do?", and then actually go ahead and take a gnome around the world (a la Amelie), is worth having some faith in.

This story is just so cool, it made my day. No wait, month. Nay, year! Ah, joy joy joy.


Anonymous said...

talk about reel-to-real......wonder where is the magic lamp???!!!!

shyam said...

yes, but the best part was the gnome got returned - WITH all the holiday photos! :) That was the best part.

Lekhni said...

I can see that English is well and truly dead :(

Besides Murphy ? I am not a Brit, but even I know that should be "beside" :(

Okay, okay, that's the end of my Spelling Nazi tirade ;)

The Bride said...

My favourite part was the reaction of the local police. "Any theft will be treated as a crime blah blah".

The Pixy Princess said...

I have a Moose who began to travel with me last year. It makes sense cause I'm Canadian - and so is the Moose!
So far, Mac has been to Scotland, England and Montreal.