Thursday Torment: Food, other people's

She's besotted with one city, and unfortunately also takes lovely pictures of the food you get in it. Why unfortunate? Because she's hogging it all by herself, and all we can do is drool. No fair.

Go see Szerelem's latest Turkish culinary orgasmoscope*.

Only if you want to suffer, that is. And then go inflict it on your friends/family/colleagues/random people passing your computer - after all, why should you keep the pain to yourself?

* orgasmascope? orgasmathon?


unpredictable said...

Dude! you're kidding! I was looking at this http://almostturkish.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2008-07-01T11%3A10%3A00-04%3A00&max-results=3

at the exact same time!!!

??! said...

You did NOT just post more snaps of gorgeous-looking food! What is wrong with you people?! How am I supposed to get anything done now??!

(that's lovely, though)

unpredictable said...

no no .. that wasn't ME!!!

Err .. sorry .. this is!!!

*sheepishly runs off*

unpredictable said...

I mean now. On my blog. That's me. Not the turkish stuff. Now now anyway :D

Szerelem said...

awww thank you for linking! BUT. That post doesn't even include any of the food I ate in Istanbul - that is a whole different post coming up soon!

Renovatio said...

Now I'm hungry. Bad ... umm... girl? It helps when there's an actual alias and not expletives.