Blog habits I don't get

If I was being honest, I'd admit to being peeved, and a little bewildered, by -

* Blog comment-spaces that show the time of the comment, but not the date. Very confusing.

* Bloggers who allow comments, but don't (often) reply to comments. Very rude.

* Mini-feeds by non-professional blogs. Very pointless*.

* Word-verification by non-professional blogs. As pointless**.

But....some of my favourite blogs have some of these features.

So, not peeved, just bewildered.
Really. godpromise. Katti mat karo. I louuwwwww you guys!

* What, beyond the little thrill of allowing the blogger to see how popular they are, is the point of them? And don't say it's for tracking who's visiting the blog. There are site-trackers for that. And even if you knew, how does that help? You can't block them from visiting, and you can just as easily comment-ban them with full feeds.
** How many spam comments do you get anyway?


shyam said...

If I knew what a feed was, I might have been able to leave an intelligent comment... but as things stand, this is the best you get - from me, I hasten to add. :)

Lekhni said...

#1 may be a limitation of the blog platform, perhaps? I know WP shows date by default.

There are 2 variations of #2 which annoy me a lot. (i) Leave comments open but NEVER reply to any comment. (So u can comment a couple of times and then feel very stipid).
(ii) Reply to some of the comments but ignore other comments made on the same post (made before comments u replied to).

On the other hand, who knows what I am guilty of :(

DewdropDream said...

I'm too lazy to change the date-time thingy on my comments section. And I have moderation on because I'm cutting someone out. Capische?

Space Bar said...

Bloggers who allow comments, but don't (often) reply to comments. Very rude.

Uh oh. (To Lekhni and ??!)

?! said...

I find that some people have an absurd proprietary feeling over their commentspace. The blog is theirs only in the sense that Blogger gives them a password access to post in the main. The commentspace is public domain, and like somebody once said, you have to take a few roughs with the smooth. Why do stuff like moderation and all that ?

(Another thing I hate is people who comment on posts with miniposts about unrelated or at best tangential, halfbaked ideas of their own.)

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear ??!,

Hi! Our comment-space is an extension of our blog, as you may have seen, so we usually only reply to comments that are as asinine as our blog posts. Exceptions are made once in a while. The word-verification thing was left there to piss off KP, our most devoted fan. I think once he stops whining about it, I will remove it. We don't really have the readership to justify word-verification.


Puppy Manohar

"Cool story, Hansel"

Metrosexual Monk said...

*gasp* mon la guilte de primary et tertiary too! and I don't quite know why.

"The blog is theirs only in the sense that Blogger gives them a password access to post in the main. The commentspace is public domain"

hah that cracked me up.

??! said...

Erm...Google Reader. Or any other RSS feeds. Brings all the latest stuff straight to you in one bundle. No need to go visiting blogs except to comment.

Ha! Those two too.

Also, I checked. At least in Blogger, you have the option of not showing date, time, showing any one, or both.

No baba. Comment moderation is fine. Even necessary, sometimes. It's word verification (which is primarily so that you don't get spam comments) that bugs me.

Not you. You reply. Even across blogs. And when you don't, it's for a reason, so it's ok. Besides, we louuuuwwwww you, so anything's maaf.

Well, I understand comment-moderation, especially for women bloggers. Considering the kind of trolls around, it does make sense.

Dear Puppy:
You (and your blog) are a whole different ballgame. Normal posts do not apply to you.

Bad boy!

Also, you disagree with '?!'?

shyam said...

But I LIKE visiting blogs! I dont want it all brought to me on a plate, as it were... oh, just call me old fashioned.

Also, I'm guilty of only sometimes replying to comments, and sometimes only to some comments, on mine... but one does get tired of only being able to reply "thank you :)" for some of the comments - although, and please note - ALL comments are madly appreciated!

Szerelem said...

Hmmm doesn't blogger show only the time and not the date?? I think I need to check settings...

Also, I'm sure I'm guilty of some :(

DewdropDream said...

Wait. You said 'some of your favourite bloggers'. And I don't even know if I'm in that list.

*dunno whether to be pleased at being off the hook or sad at not being a favourite blogger*

CrazyDiamond said...

damn, blogspot 101! It had to happen. Capitalising on a new fickle thing.
I'm starting an organic food 101 soon.

Anki said...

DO u work for technocrati or smt!

CD... Oh boy... our mess just went organic to the core!!!
n its a big bland world out there

??! said...

Sorry for late responses.

I understand not wanting to individually 'thank' people. I wouldn't have the energy myself. But one can always do an 'All commenters: Thanks' and end it there.

Daaaaarling. This is Blogger no? And these comments have time and date no?

Oi! Is no fickle tactic. Is only label one likes.

Ermm...no. Why would you think so?

Metrosexual Monk said...

yes, I bet it was genius sarcasm though.

and looky! http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2008/08/shallow-reader.html

lostonthestreet said...

Guilty of all of the above I think.But its so painful to again go and reply to all comments.I just mentally frame an answer and hope they get it via telepathy!! :-)

Shefaly said...

Oh you don't reply to one comment - one very specific comment about where people should aim to go when holidaying in Switzerland - and this? Ooh! ;-)

(I wasn't sure your email was real. Serious. I would have emailed you. It depends on what you like foodwise and peoplewise; all of CH is pretty in a samey-samey sort of way which changes many times a day in all of its corners.)

Explanation done, when I find any of these things on a blog, or any of those you haven't listed but irk me, I stop reading the blog... As for the 'how many spam comments?' question, in one year and half of blogging, I got over 10,000. Too many to allow unmoderated and have to delete later.

Shefaly said...

Oh and my blog isn't even that widely read. So 10,000 is a lot for a not-much-read blog. And yes I am putting captcha on my professional blog soon.

??! said...

Heh. No it was serious. But not to worry, plans got cancelled anyway. Which is why I didn't repeat it, because I figured the first one got lost somewhere.

Is not serious, ok? Ok.

And 10,000 spam comments? Whoa. That's quite astounding. I'm not sure any of the other bloggers I read have anywhere near that sort of problem.

Could it be because of the links you do to other well-known blogs?

??! said...

Also, wait. You don't have word-verification anyway.

I'm confused now.

Shefaly said...

Ok. Noted change of plans. Sorry to hear though. Pretty country. I have lived and worked there, in Zurich.

I have no idea how the spam originates except that many self-hosted, ad-whores like to plagiarise my content, and the ping-back spam is enormous. Should I be grateful the bastards link at all? I have been sending cease-and-desist notices but it is unabated. We need a serious technological and automated fix to this equine excreta... Serious. :-(

I have a spam counter on my blog if you want to keep an eye ;-)

No, I do not have word verification but I am in the process of creating a work-related blog and that will have captcha.