Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(A gradual stripping off of the anonymity cloak. Warning: This may or may not be true)

I am (unofficially) a Lucid Dreamer.

This is a condition where a person is regularly aware, while dreaming, that they are in a dream. This leads to often being able to control said dream, being aware of how much time has passed by in the 'real' world, regularly having dreams-within-dreams (usually through false awakenings), and being able to remember the dreams after waking up.

Not only do I have a strong dream recall capability*, I also have intensely vivid dreams - in full Hi-Def clarity with digital surround sound - every time I sleep** (am unsure if they're related). Which leads to my often waking up more tired than when I went to bed, usually in a contorted physical position related to whatever activity was being undertaken in the dream. I quite often also startle myself (and anybody close by) awake with random and loud bursts of laughter, and continuous but quiet*** snatches of conversation.

The Lucid Dreaming is sometimes so strong that I have begun to suspect that this life is a dream, and it's all levels upon levels of false awakenings.

....did I mention it does wonders for boosting your paranoia levels?

* Not only being able to clearly remember dreams I've had, just after I've woken up, but being able to remember them for long periods of time - sometimes years. They're as strong as memories. Heck, they could be memories. That's it! I wake up in another life in another dimension when I sleep! I have found the secret of reality!!
** This could be one of the reasons keeping me thin. Brain activity = energy consumption = calorie demolition?
*** Remember what I said about phone calls?


spark said...


deja vu!!!!!!

??! : do u like have a mole in ur arm ....??? did u ever get lost in a fair or something...??? do u have any recollection (faintest bhi chalega) of having a sibling!!??? coz it just cud b me!!

??! said...

deja vu!!!
I think the phrase you're looking for is "inch-pinch" :)

Lekhni said...

I am a lucid dreamer too, though without the sound effects you describe :) I don't have lucid dreams all the time, but it does mean that I can steer my dreams towards satisfactory endings once I realize that it's all a dream :)

All life is a dream? Oh yes, I wonder too, about that. My dreams certainly do seem quite real. Maybe neither dreaming nor the "awake" stage is truly real, since they both seem real when you are in that state. How about that?

shyam said...

I'm a lucid dreamer at times... unfortunately I cant control the direction of my dreams even though I know I'm dreaming and/or asleep. Re the waking up laughing or crying, or heart racing because I've been running from something/someone in my dreams... God yes, my dream life is as real as my real life is dreamy. :) Or something like that.

km said...

I quite often also startle myself (and anybody close by) awake with random and loud bursts of laughter


DewdropDream said...

Me me me me me me me!! I'm one too!! And I have deja vu type occurences too where I realise I've already seen what's happening before me in my dreams. And I also see movie scenes in my dreams... movies I'll be watching muuuuuuuuuch later... wouldn't be so bad, it's just that I'm usually one of the characters IN the scene. Imagine if the actual character/actor/actress could have such acess to my life.. bleurgh!

Espèra said...

I'm a lucid dreamer too.
Full HD quality toh hai, but I dunno about surround sound. I think most of the stuff being said is just telepathically spoken. That's why I can't figure out what language I use to dream.
I wake-up tired. Check.
But unlike knowing you are dreaming, I think the dream is what's real. You know, my Mom yelling at me to wake up, and me in my dream, brushing, bathing, etc. till my Mom physically drags me off the bed.

??! said...

Oh, you.

Everyone else:
Well. Isn't this surprising. Or not.

Now who's up for doing a study on the correlation of blogger-writer types and lucid dreaming?

Mockingword said...

Looks like all the lucid dreamers have finally found a platform. Which includes me.

wiseling said...

I don't remember my dreams. :(
and when I do, its always the horrid, disturbing ones.