Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

Where one tells more about oneself.

(Warning: This may or may not be true (it's all fun here))

If you're sitting next to me while I'm on the phone, you won't be able to make out what I'm saying, although the person on the other end will. Not unless I'm deliberately yelling due to a bad connection. I am that private. And it is a very useful trick.


Anonymous said...

I wonder.

unpredictable said...

A skill I wish you could pass on to Mumbai train commuters, esp in the 1st class.

??! said...

You do? Like, seriously? Oh wow, that is....man, that's like far out. Totally rad, baby. Really dood, that's so groovy it's positively shaking. I mean...wonder? Wow. This is mind-blowing, boyo. Mind-blowing. Wonder. Oh joy joy joy.

A wish that I wish I could pass on, at least six times a day.

Shyam said...

I agree. I REALLY wish I could be that quiet AND audible - but while I have a quiet speaking voice, it doesnt come across well on the phone. *sigh*

??! said...

Ahhh, that can be a problem. But thoda practice karo, sab theek ho jayega.

Pri said...

yeah i refuse to talk over a certain volume. plus i feel like i owe it to the earth to balance out the noise level my mother creates.

??! said...

Exactly! We're such good martyrs. We deserve medal, no?