Manual of Life - Little Known Facts #32

A woman whose skirt flies up due to a gust of wind while a man is looking in her direction, is bound to be judged unfavourably no matter what she does.

If she looks directly at him, she's a hussy.
If she blushes, she's a prissy Victorian maid.
If she grins and shrugs (even in a 'shit-happens-eh' manner), she's obviously no lady.
If she stops and desperately tries to hold it down, she's obviously not an empowered woman.
If she turns away, he begins to wonder what exactly she was trying to prevent him from seeing.
If she has no reaction at all and doesn't try to stop it flying up, she's a lesbian.


Anonymous said...

What if she tries to hold her skirt down while glaring at him?

What if she does not try to hold it down but glares at him? (She's a feminist?)

Falstaff said...

If she leaps three feet in the air, lands on her toes and twirls she's a ballerina.

If she turns him into a stag and has his hounds pursue him she's Diana.

The real question, of course, is whether there's an acceptable etiquette for a gust of wind that decides to fly up a woman's skirt while a man is looking at her.

km said...

If she pulls out some complicated charts and instruments from her handbag, she could be working at the Weather Channel.

??! said...

I forgot that one.

and those too.


NightWatchmen said...

Aha and a guy is bound to be judged unfairly no matter what he comments on a blog post about a woman whose skirt flies up due to a gust of wind (and I mean this one too :) )

Recursion can be real fun.

Revealed said...

1. I loved the Urf. I'da totally put it up!!

2. Clearly, she was wearing bright pink bicycling shorts underneath. Tsk tsk. Modern women. No sense of fashion. Or decency.

??! said...

Is all true.

oho! Returneth, thou hast?

And you should've said. Revati did eulogy when I submitted, so had to post here.