Intense Paranoia - Identification Method #19

Getting more convinced of the civilisation-dominating intentions of the malevolent entity that secretly controls the Big G, and how its so-called 'complete connectivity' offer is just a cover for the beta-version of the monitoring programme that it will eventually use to control us.

This feeling may be re-inforced by noticing how gradually, unnoticed, more and more of online activities continue to be tracked. eg. Realising that the blogs you subscribe to in G-Reader, get higlighted on the blogroll of any other blog, if you visit while logged in to your account.


Anonymous said...

Google is evil, I tell ya ;) Anybody who says "do no evil" is obviously thinking about it :)

But what happened to the poem? Has the morbid mood lifted then?

NightWatchmen said...

Be afraid, be very afraid :)

Yes, what happened to the poem if we may so ask ?

We are having a very hectic week and all days are morbid when one slogs in the lab.

P.S : Does the fact that two commenter's are talking about posts you seem to have deleted make you feel any more paranoid. We read it off you guessed it right Google Reader :)

??! said...

Correct! It's like those people who go "in my humble opinion", or "I'm no expert, really". Bollocks.

Any poem that goes through seven edits and still does not reflect the words in the head, get deleted.

??! said...

Ahh, lab work. Does it involve yellow stain inducing liquids?

I know about G-Reader. And it'll still be there. Kya kare.

NightWatchmen said...

Aha lab work no the yellow stain inducing liquids but "green-stars-where-just-a-moment-ago-was-empty-space" inducing Spectrum Analyzers (yeah the same green one shown next to the hero's mom in the hospital with a green sine displayed and a doctor trying to figure out why the ell is the heart beat looking like that) and Signal Generators.

km said...

Oh you guys are so 21st century. I've had a microchip for 4 years now. Top secret progr.....AAAAAARGGHHHHH.

Revealed said...

Hush, people. Do not call attention to yourselves. Creep under the radar.

Space Bar said...

poem? what poem? why did bloglines not display it? what's happening? who is behind this?

??! said...

Feezeecs? Bechara.

Is why your jokes come out the way they do? ;)

Yeh, thought about it. But am thinking of going the takes-on-big-baddie-saves-the-world-and-is-highly-feted route.

sowwy. Poem put up, disliked, taken down. G-Reader shows it for some reason. May be put up again if it feels right(er).