Manual of Life - Little Known Facts #33

A man who happens to be looking in the direction of a woman whose skirt flies up due to a gust of wind, is bound to be judged unfavourably no matter what he does.

If he stares, he's a pervert.
If he blushes, he's a boy-child who needs to grow up.
If he grins (even to show solidarity in a 'shit-happens-eh' manner), he's a creep.
If he averts his eyes, she thinks he thinks she's not attractive.
If he turns away, she begins to wonder just what he saw that made him take so drastic an action.
If he has no reaction at all, he's a jerk. Or gay.


km said...

What about a steely glare followed by "Miss, I knew Marilyn Monroe and sadly, you are no Marilyn Monroe"?

//though if I were 14, I'd probably drop to my knees and thank Vayu the Wind God profusely.

Anonymous said...

You would expect guys to stare, right, it's almost like the done thing. Bonus points if they actually manage to look embarrassed. On the other hand, if they whistle..

Puppy Manohar said...

Dear ??!,

This is why the best course of action is to be like a dog, and always stare at the ground. You might even find dropped change.


Puppy Manohar


"Hai, I'm TOM, and I fix floors"

Falstaff said...

See Also

With the additional property that it actually connects rather nicely to your earlier post.

??! said...

If you were on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, you'd be in perpetual obesiance.

Edited to cover blushing. Whistle-blowers out!

Correct. And you can avoid stepping into shit also.

Interesting, Mr Bond. You always come up with such fascinating links.

Space Bar said...

falstaff: nice calvino - the point at which the Male Gaze becomes the Male Graze!