Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction*

Since this is disclosure week, time to unveil a theme suggested by the erstwhile Gin-Soaked Blogger**. In her plans, a weekly 'Saturday Striptease' would see me "take off one more article of personal detail".

But one doesn't blog on weekends, and since we've had to retire the Friday Food project, I'm launching this today instead. And to make it more interesting, these may or may not be true.

One more thing you didn't know about me:

When I was three years old, I bit a monkey while on a holiday at a hill-station. It was trying to steal my teddy-bear.

* I have a thing will alliteration. And F-words. Deal with it.
** That would be OTP, for those who came late to the party.


km said...

Do you get an urge to throw unripe guavas at passers-by?

Space Bar said...

i was thinking of your friday food thingy just this morning, oddly enough.

why have you retired it?

Falstaff said...

Did it taste good? Because that way this could be a Friday food post.

km said...

ROFL@Falstaff's comment.

Tabula Rasa said...

good point by falsie. where did you ite the monkey? the true conoisseur would have gone for the brain.

Mystique Wanderer said...

man...the monkeys wud b a scared lot...

liked the smart assy way of puttin things...can't find enuf of thick hide ppl arnd :P

??! said...

Nope, but I do eat a lot of bananas.

Because! Nobody could be bothered about it (evidence here). Hum thodi na unappreciative audience ke liye exotic dishes experiment kar ke banayenge.

Monkeys are hairy. Why would they taste good raw?

The true true connoisseur would have the brains chilled.

Mystique Wanderer:
Hola. And welcome. And yeh, it's not for nothing they call me The Scourge of the Simians.

Space Bar said...

??!: What - you mean you want us to be all interactive like this?

Falstaff said...

??!: Okay, so they may not taste good. But at least they'd be organic.

Besides, one could always find a way to serve them raw after removing the hair. It would be like sushi, only with monkeys. Monkeepaw roll with chestnuts, etc.

??! said...

Nooo, but since nobody was bothered, there was no point. (also, experimentation levels had gone down as well).