Weekend whoopsies

This weekend, an experiment.

No Net, no books, no newspapers, no TV, no films, no radio, no music (with one exception - below). No words of any sort from any non-immediate-person source. I'm undecided on whether I can/should write, but I'm leaning in favour of not allowing that either.

Partly due to to this feeling of sinking under the weight of all this information that we increasingly are being fed (a post on that soon). Partly because I'm preparing for a time when an idiotic nuclear war leaves us with no electricity, and paper is used only for hygienic purposes. And partly because it should be a sobering realisation of what little else I get up to.

It's not like it should be too difficult. At a pinch, there are a number of things that need doing (giving the cycle a thorough servicing, cleaning the house, working on the herb patch, giving the retail world a little boost), but those are just jobs. What I really want to see is whether I end up doing the things I think of doing but for some reason tend not to (hathayoga sessions, long walks, long baths, cooking elaborate meals, long stretches of just...spacing).

The Exception: John McLaughlin live in concert* (Woowoowoohoo! Jumps around the room on imaginary pogostick, scaring everybody within a quarter-mile radius with rather loud yells......whaaaat? it's John McLaughlin!). Although, no songs there, just music, so that fits in the theme. This should also take up a lot of time, especially given the general chaos that is the Underground.

* TR, how are you missing this?


Falstaff said...

Errr...you know, I rather suspect that in the event of a nuclear war leaving us with no electricity, etc. there isn't going to be much scope for long baths and cooking elaborate meals.

??! said...

True, but that's why the spacing and yoga. Long baths and elaborate meals are so I can have something pleasant to remember, when the Dark Ages descend.

km said...

Real men don't even need oxygen.

//I don't watch/listen to McLaughlin anymore. The dude induces tremendous inferiority complex after which I don't go near a guitar for several weeks.

Space Bar said...

actually, what you should do is go on maun vrat and then write frantic notes to people every minute or so.

Tabula Rasa said...

dang! nobody told me.

??! said...

Well, some of us don't bother with trying to play, so we can hear better instead.

Oddly enough, during holidays while I was in my teen, I used to self-enforce one-hour silence periods every day, because everyone got so fed up of my jabbering. To make things more interesting, I used to only use hand signals. Fun that was.

I didn't know you were in the country. And I did mention last month, that McLaughlin was coming up (in a comment about that concert you wrote about).