I'm not sure whether to be thrilled about the beauty of these sculptures from books, or whether to be appalled at the desecration of the same.

The former is saying "Well, they're delightful, and they're making use of something people may not be using. Better that, than have them grow mouldy and dusty in some corner. Besides, books are just a vessel - it's the idea and the words that matter".

The second part of me replies, "But they're books!!".

Hmm...this may require some serious soul-searching contemplation - over a cup of hot chocolate and some hummus-on-toast.

Update: Consider this a poll. Do declare your vote.


Space Bar said...

total fucking sacrilege. i had trouble enough wrapping my mind around the concept of smugglers gouging out the inside of books to carry assorted contraband in cheap fiction. this is just terrible.

??! said...

That's one for the nays.

Shyam said...

No no no! NO to mutilating books!

??! said...

That's two...actually, I'll just let this go on before counting the final votes.

And hello, and welcome.

km said...

Well, printing a book does call for destruction of trees, which in turn leads to driving several species of small furry and hairless animals homeless. So books cannot be defended at *all* costs.

Then again, if these books were just lousy, generic novels, I'd be perfectly ok with such craft. (Let's not call it art, please.)

So mark me down as a "QYAY" - a qualified "yay".

//I can't even use a pencil on my books. So I doubt if my response is really a qualified yes. OK, I'm a very cautious "Yay".

Anonymous said...

I say yes:) Nothing should be so so sacred that it cannot be re-imagined. Books, especially so. Beautiful sculptures.

The Bride said...

I find it ironic that although I love to read and treasure my books, I'm fanatic about keeping them in pristine condition. I love the smell of fresh clean pages but a well-worn book with a few curry stains is fine by me as well.

I go with the re-imagining concept. Well said indian.

The Bride said...

oops... I meant I'm NOT fanatic.

??! said...

See, my (part)reasoning exactly. Also, can't write myself, but love buying books which have those little notations at the front.

Is true point.

Correct. I make an effort, but sometimes I don't mind.

So that's 2 nays, 2 ayes, 1 qyay, and 1 fence-sitter.

on_trial said...


Reason? No.

Just no. :P

P.S. Isn't a "qyay" just a disguised fence-sitter?