There are few things that say go
as clearly as a thick door,
and pasted with a poster that's
in blood-red red, which says go


Falstaff said...

Except, perhaps, for a door left ajar
With a pool of gore
Spreading under the door
and the smell of rotting flesh
and bloody hand prints (fresh)
and a note in clumsy writing
under a mounted skull inviting
you to "Come in, Come in, whoever you are"

??! said...

ah, aye.

I was expecting some comebacks. Although I was expecting unkel-ji to pop up first.

??! said...

Come to think of it, that follows well from the first. Would others like to add subsequent lines? Then once everyone is done I could collate and put up as one piece - with citations as necessary.

One stanza/para per blogger only.

km said...

ha ha. this one's funny.

km said...

this could actually be one of Jack Handey's "Deep Thoughts".