Manual of Life - Yrrrkkk moments

Those instances when you suddenly realise what it is you are actually experiencing at that moment, as opposed to what you had been absent-mindedly anticipating. The term gets its name from the auditory reaction that follows moment of realisation, caused due to the considerably deflating and disappointing feeling experienced, especially when compared to the fondness for the anticipated experience.

e.g., Realising that the biscuit you have just eaten after dunking into the hot beverage in front of you, now tastes of coffee (which is in the mug), rather than tea (which you for some reason assumed it was).

Such moments are known to cause much hilarity to observers, especially due to the innovative facial expressions that invariably accompany them.


km said...

you mean something like this?

(priceless reaction shot at 00:35)

Tabula Rasa said...

i once salted my morning coffee, but i was alone.

(km, how do you find this stuff? do you look for it or does it just happen?)

??! said...

That's a classic.

Sacchi...kuch kaam-dhanda nahin hain kya? Kahan kahan se dhoondh nikalte ho.

km said...

google-fu se accha kaam-dhanda aur kya ho sakta hai?

Espèra said...

Something like, unwrapping chocolate, and absentmindedly stuffing wrapper in your mouth while throwing chocolate away?

Or, maybe not exactly.

??! said...

Nail. Head. Lots of hitting.