Since we've given up on Not Diarying

160 gms of weight, unbelievably and painstakingly added
80 books, reviewed and sorrowfully discarded
40 journeys, endured on public transport
friendly meetings, raucously enjoyed
10 blog posts and comments, created
5 magazines, sifted through
2 pairs of shoes, bought
1 trip home, over


km said...

160 GRAMS of weight? What kind of a trip home was that? Change the unit of measure to pounds or something substantial, then we will talk.

??! said...

What kind of a trip home was that?
A productive one. You have any idea how much I had to eat to put on even that much?

Space Bar said...

You have any idea how much I had to eat to put on even that much?

I hate you. These days I only have to look at food for it to think I'm giving it permanent shelter.

??! said...

And I envy you. I sometimes feel like a bottomless abyss, what with all the food having no impact at all. And then having to listen to tut-tutting relative and friends. And then deal with disappointed doctors. As if I frikkin' ordered this metabolism!

Tabula Rasa said...

well, you ordered it, you eat it.

(160 grams of weight is what i put on if i skip lunch.)

Szerelem said...

I repeat - gah, go away. 160 GRAMS. GRAMS!!!

??! said...

Oi! It's not my fault I have a hyperactive metabolism.

It's not all fun you know. Especially during winter. All of you, be happy for any padding you may possess.

??! said...

Do you really want to know how much weight I lose if I skip breakfast three days in a row?

One Trick Pony said...

@??! yeah, you should.

Actually, you should do the opposite of diet blogging. Write in great detail about the deliciously calorie-laden food you ate. Be sure to mention how you went out of your way not to do any physical activity and how tiny and feather-like you remain.

It is what I would do in your place.

??! said...

What was that first"you should" about?

Listen, people are as it is pissed off because I'm doing the whole "oh I'm so mysterious" schlep. If I throw in the "Oh I ate a 3-egg mushroom and cheese omelette, two waffles with honey, and a mug of hot chocolate for breakfast and I'm still only 56 kilos" bit as well, somebody's going to find a hack to trace my IP down, then come round and beat me up.

Pri said...

but you just did. and for that you will be forever hated.

also whatyoubotfome?

dont be alarmed. that's just a standard question i ask anyone who has just returned from any sort of trip. even to the grocery store. especially to the grocery store.

??! said...

Demmit! I knew I shouldn't have said that.

Also - shoes, and clothes, and kachoris, and kaju katri, hindi pickchur DVDs (only 39 rupees - wah!), a cycle gear chain.

Pri said...

i said watyoubotfome? fo ME!!

??! said...

Ahh, like that-a? Well, I did get some Indian Fruit-n-Nut Dairy Milk (Indian Cadbury is the bestest), but since you're about 3000 miles away, I ate it up. But the thought counts no?

Pri said...

fruitandnut i can get at my local indian store. sometimes i can even find one that was manufactured after 1983. but yeah thanks for thinking about giving me the chocolate and then deciding to eat it anyway.