Odd man

She runs home, hoping that the little sunlight today, will not have touched the corner where he rests. She's been smiling to herself all day thinking of his oddly shaped head, and the way his crimson eyes set off his green grin. A grin which she's convinced grew wider when she planted the mirror in front of him, and which mirrored her own joy at his existence at this unexpected time.

When she runs into the garden, though, she only finds a little pile of plucked grass and red petals, floating in the slush.

She wonders if it will snow again tonight.

PS. Four inches of snow in April. This is what happens when you moan about how hot it was back home. That weather spirit is one snarky so-and-so.


Space Bar said...

okay, i'm a bit dim today, but what did you do - pluck a few tulips and make a fetish out of them? crown 'em with grass? what?

this is driving me crazy.

??! said...

Who says I did anything? There's a reason it's under the "Imagined" label. Although, I may have.

But, since you're the suffering types, and one cannot bear to add to your head-problems -
A Snowman, with crushed petal blobs for eyes, and a arc of grass to indicate a smile.

...you make do with what you can find.

??! said...

that was supposed to be "grass pasted on in an arc to indicate..."

Space Bar said...

who's a suffering type? i am going to stop complaining on my blog and start doing grateful posts for all the wonderful little things that make life not only bearable but a positive joy. all things bright and beautiful kind of thing. your melted snowman will be my inspiration.

??! said...

Awwwwie. But complaining is good. How else will be show that we're the caring types, and not just snarky-comment-leavers?

And really, if you go down the happy-clappy route, you'll be crowned Saint. And your initials will be SSS - that's just too alliterative for comfort. Also, once that happens, people will shorten it to S3, and then people will make pun on it and call you "eh, stree". Which, seeing you already are that (a stree, that is), you might as well drop the sainthood route.

Space Bar said...

no, no, that's not the way to discourage me. eh! stree! sounds like fun (you should hear the other nics i've gathered for comparison).

but wait! you mean my son will be called estreegen?


??! said...

Ok, totally lost with that last reference (you're not the only one who's slow today).

Space Bar said...


and snowman here

??! said...

ahhh. Good one. although...ok, good one.

Snowmen are pretty. Also daft. And pretty daft too.

km said...

??!: I sense a love-hate relationship between you and snowmen. Could that be why you are dealing with snow in April?

Space bar: for a *real* existential reference, you are supposed to name your son "Estragon".

Space Bar said...

km: no, no, a gen end is crucial to suggest generation. also to cast confusion upon gender, it would appear (from ??!'s comment. no?)


Tabula Rasa said...

i like this thread.

??! said...

you would :)

Mulling over it, 'gen' doesn't indicate the next generation. So, shouldn't it be more like 'estreeson'? Then, somebody can reverse-engineer it, and turn it into S4 (SSS's Son).