Intense Paranoia - Identification method #11

Believing that one of the concepts explained in SF&F books that -

1) Revolve around the presence of supernormal entities in the midst of humans, and our manipulation by them (American Gods, Word and Void trilogy, Dark Materials trilogy)
2) Revolve around the occurence of super-intelligent lifeforms, and their continued repression of our gaining knowledge of them (HGTG, End of Eternity)
- is true (and has been made public in order to throw us off-guard and make us believe that what's described cannot be possible, what with it being easily accessible and being sold as 'Fiction' (ha!)).

....but not knowing which of those is true.


NightWatchmen said...

Nice dilemma.

My take :

#1 is true and maybe some of the supernormal beings having taken pity on us become Swamis who say that the whole world is an Illusion.

Aah I now have new found respect for the channels that Mom watches occasionally.

??! said...

supernormal beings having taken pity on us become Swamis
Yeh bhi sirf maaya hain :)

NightWatchmen said...

Aha now I know why they call everything "Maya". If they themselves are Maya then no wonder everything IS.......

km said...

Though I personally fear Chaya more than Maya.