Guide to Blogging - Problems, disorders and side-effects*

Blogbubble syndrome.

What is it? A particularly virulent form of Realitus Disconnectus, wherein the sufferer firmly believes that their blog exists in a self-contained universe, and is not linked to their real lives. Gets its name by the phrase uttered by Dr. Frida Johnston, who on first diagnosing this disorder, noted, "These frikkin' (sic) bloggers think they live in a frikkin' bubble!".

Likely to affect: Bloggers whose identities are known publicly, or at least, to some other bloggers. Diaryists are particularly vulnerable.

Symptoms: Such bloggers (perhaps unconsciously) continue to post about personal details as well as opinions on people and events in their lives, while simultaneously repressing the knowledge that such posts are being read by the very people being referred to.

Causes: The God-complex; inability (or choice) not to think things through.

Effects: The onset of this syndrome often results in unpleasant offline showdowns, notably by people reacting to less-than-kind words being written about them. Afflicted bloggers are also likely to find themselves at a handicap socially, as not only can their behaviour and reactions be predicted reasonably accurately, but any attempt at dissemination or evasive courtesy is seen through, due to public knowledge of their real desires and opinions.

Treatment: A quick Reality-check is usually enough to make the blogger aware of the problem. More troublesome cases may be helped by judicious application of Bootinass.

* Apparently, we're not done with the meta-blogging.


Space Bar said...

apparently one is not. :D

The Bride said...

You are right. I am (oops Diaryists are) so prone to this. But whatever - real life is needs a little snark to make it bearable.

IdeaSmith said...

Heh. Well observed. Do we have a solution to it?

1. Quit blogging.
2. Quit thinking.
3. Quit meeting people.


??! said...

No no. Just go anonymous. See, this is why I can write such things without worrying about having objects randomly hurled at me.