If film-titles were written by bored foodies, we'd have...

Kam pani
Maa, cheese
and, of course,
Bun, tea, or bubbly?


km said...


Why not take it a step further? Loglines for these films:

Kam Pani: A little town in Rajasthan must host the International Aquatic Meet. Except there is no water in the town.

Maa, Cheese: A little girl suffering from a rare disorder discovers that only cheese can save her life. But she is severely lactose-intolerant! Oh no!!

Bun, Tea Or Bubbly: A story about a rebellious young man who sells his tea-stall in Patna and runs away to Paris to become a sommelier...

??! said...

unkelji, what we would do without you? Good that was.

Falstaff said...

You forgot the biggest one of them all - Cholay.

"Yeh bhature mujhe de de Gabbar!"

Also, you know how they do those titles where you have the Hindi word followed by the English translation?

Voila, I give you Humm(Us)

scout said...

hahahaha hummus. brilliant. i KNEW there was something about this falsie guy.

??! said...

Slap, slap, slap, slap! How did I miss that??! Good one, Falsie.

He is quite something, isn't he?