Screw it, I'm Diary-ing

This is me. Most days. Especially today. Whoo-boy, lunch, here I come*!

* Pancakes. Hot diggity damn**!
Who says that? Really?


Space Bar said...

One wants to know what pancakes. One hopes dosas aren't being called 'pancakes'. One is considering taking on the mantle discarded by a few punctuations.

??! said...

What? No, no. Pancakes. No eat cold dosa. Cold pancakes, yes. Repeat. Cold pancakes is go, cold dosa is no. (that should be a song (and I feel like saying ding-dong)). Simple pancake with mixed veggie stuffing. Is nice? Is very nice.

What mantle? Who pucntuating? You're punctuating mantles?

....I need coffee.

??! said...

Or not.

Pri said...

heh. im all bright and chirpy this morning. i was out of the house at 6:45 am. i had time to stop at starbucks and everything!

i even did my makeup inside the house. and now im all caffeneted and happy and waiting for lunch.

wednesdays are good. no?

??! said...

what's for lunch?

and wednesday's certainly seem going for blogging.