Blog-addiction - Identification Method No.6

When you note down every personal detail of the bloggers you read and/or interact with, as and when they reveal the same, in order to gain a better picture of the person behind the post* (specially those who don't...won't...reveal their identity).

Said details being entered into a comprehensive spreadsheet, covering characteristics including but not limited to - Location (current and of origin), gender, age, occupation, beverage preferences, literary inclinations, music tastes, movie picks, apparel choices, favourite expressions, choice swearwords, phobias, and which bloggers they know IRL.

Revealing this habit is guaranteed to ensure in much consternation amongst said bloggers, and also resulting in eventual shunning by all concerned**. You will also successfully freak out BM-OTP.

* Or, just because you're a pyscho-obsessive virtua-stalker.
** Which won't stop you from reading blogs and filling out that list, unless they go private. Which is unlikely in most cases, being too much of a hassle for most bloggers, who are by nature resistant to change.


Tabula Rasa said...

brilliant, you're on a roll today.

(can i have a long island iced tea to go with my m&b, hot diggety dawg?)

??! said...

I know, I know! One, maybe two more coming up as well. Hoo-aa!

Channel Island cookie chalega?

Revealed said...

Hahahahaha. Dude, you are evil!

BM/OTP said...


Delhi, D.C., female, 25, peon, vodka soda, none, anything with filthy lyrics, cliched-quirky-indie, not jeans, "I'm just sayin", all forms of "fuck", losing online anonymity and TR, Flaffy, Scout, Ph and Heh Heh.

all you had to do was ask :)

??! said...

Thankee, thankee. One but tries.

heheh. But that above description is not moi, ok? No no...we're not like that at alll. No sirree, we're not at all creepy like that.

Space Bar said...

:D nice.

tr: you mean the reading type mb?

Tabula Rasa said...

as opposed to the gaali type? yes.

Aishwarya said...